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Giants Back At IT – Four ‘Even’ Years Running…


     They may have waited until the last week of September and first of October, but the San Francisco Giants appear to be back at it, once again sneaking into the playoff picture as the last Wild Card in the National League. After the most dreadful half season in Giants history – or in baseball history of the last fifty years – the Giants are suddenly  winning again, gaining their only their second series sweep  since the July All Star break, this against the division-leading Los Angeles Dodgers, to close out the regular season. 

But, how the heck do they do it. Every time the Giants have been ‘finished’ four even years running they, like magic, THEY WIN WHEN NEEDED.  Whether beating the Padres on the last day of dfd


            They’ve won 12 of their last 13 games in the playoffs, this from a 2014 team with one legitimate playoff starting pitcher and two, maybe three hitters and numerous untested rookies and castoffs. Again , this for the third in five years, the San Francisco Giants have snuck into the playoffs as the 10th of 10 teams.

And 2016 will be no different as indicated by  a last minute surge by the Giants. Not surprisingly. For the third  out of four even years in a row the Giants have defied the odds again by backing into the playoffs after playing the worst baseball in the national league the entire second half of the season and a  historic streak of futility.  How do the anemic Giants manage to suddenly come from the depths of despair to beat two of the better teams the last week of the season?

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SF Giants Stop Striking Out Especially In Playoffs, Putting Ball in Play Key to Success –

But How Do They Do it Repeatedly, Year after Year in Playoffs?

One asks ‘How does a good hitting team like Washington or Pittsburg suddenly stop hitting against the Giants while the Giants start hitting? Well, we know the Giants have been pitching above their heads as they’ve done all three years they’ve made the playoffs since 2010. We mean, a 1.00 ERA over 12 consecutive playoff games coming into Game 2 against St. Louis.Come on.

But the hitting is another thing.   Half the Giants starting lineup has been a Triple A team  much of the time but    yet they’re ALSO doing things from the hitting side that are unheard of. Like only striking out  Four times a game, repeatedly. That’s how many strikeouts the Giants have made per game coming into Game Two against the Cardinals. Come the playoffs and against top pitching THEY STOP STRIKING OUT.  More so than any other team in the playoffs. Go figure.


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WHY?  Lots of people call the Giants lucky. Why?


Of course with only two bona fide hitters in the lineup, maybe three, they’re not putting up big numbers but , at the same time they’re putting the ball in play, more than the other teams. Even guys like Blanco and  Perez (or later replacements) who would be normally striking out on other teams are putting the ball in play for the Giants. Of course, a guy like Panik , who was only put in the starting lineup in August in desperation after even Uggla couldn’t get a hit, has suddenly become one of the unlikely stars the Giants always come up with in the playoffs and season’s ends.  Most people are casual fans and don’t take the time to ‘investigate’ or don’t care if the Giants are doing something untoward. After all, everybody’s doing it now, even the government. Yet, some may be doing IT a lot more than others and, when it affects others adversely, like opposing teams,  the perpetrator must be called out. And few , if any , seem to want to take the time and effort to make the important statement; that’s where this blog comes in. After three Giants World Series and 10 years of Bondsian shenanigans  , it’s high time to call out the Giants.  Sadly, other than 2007 ‘Game of Shadows,’ the local media in liberal San Francisco are either drinking the koolaid themselves or don’t care .  And, the fans, well, most have grown up on Barry Bonds  and  only know Giants baseball  Barry Bonds-style.



How is it after losing  every every series the second half of the season except one, to weak Atlanta, the Giants suddenly get off the deck the last week of the season to split with nemesis San Diego Padres and then sweep the tough Los Angeles Dodgers, trying themselves to gain the home field advantage against Washington? Suddenly, the team with the worst record in the National League since the All Star break comes to life, when it must, and starts it’s patented ‘September surge’ even if it’s running into October. So, they waited a long time this year .  FIND OUT WHY IT TOOK SO LONG THIS TIME


Looking Back  -2014

WHY? Lots of people are calling the Giants lucky. Why?

Look at patterns from year to year and  there’s got to be a lot more to it than luck.  The Giants will go into hitting streaks, especially when it comes to the late season and playoffs. Every time. Doesn’t matter the names.  Pagan’s gone. Morse was gone. Lincecum, one of their key starters they paid $20 million a year is effectively gone.  Doesn’t matter.  Just keep running out players like they did at second base until one takes the kool aid – or, Lightning in a Bottle, as some call it.

TRAVIS ISHIKAWA  is another guy who couldn’t make it with another team, batting near the Mendoza line. Come to San Francisco and, suddenly, he’s a .270 hitter- even in the playoffs against top pitching.


NO BIG TRADES LIKE THE OTHER TEAMS. Just a deal for an old 1-13  pitcher no other team really wanted. {Peavy)


JAKE PEAVY was  1-13 at Boston with a 4.70 ERA through July of this year. Comes to the Giants late season and, after one or two rough outings he’s a five game winner with a 2.20 ERA. Says being back with  Bochy and a few mechanics is the answer. Pretty good Peavs to be able to drop your ERA two and a half points just by   changing teams. Well, I guess Scutaro did it too in 2012, going from .260 at Colorado to .350 with the Giants second half.  Come to think of it, just about everyone on the team improves their numbers on the Giants in late season!  Did we mention the Melk man, Mota , Guillen and Torres. The Giants don’t want us to talk about them even though they were a key part of the 2010 and 2012 World Series teams. Without them, there probably wouldn’t have been any world series victories in SF.

WHY? How do they do it?  People are asking


Lightning in a BOTTLE

BOTTLE being the key word. There’s what we believe could be the answer to the question  people are asking. Too much of a coincidence otherwise. The Giants had the weakest team going in the playoffs all three years since 2010 and they marched over teams. The only reason they lost last night against the Cardinals is because everyone’s favorite manager, Bochy, put in that rookie pitcher, again, to give up a fourth home run in four appearances.  Even Lightning in a Bottle couldn’t help him I guess. The bottle’s running a little dry for Machi, too, but everyone else seems to be thriving on whatever’s in the bottle.                                



Read that article about Adderall the new PED (LEGAL) of choice for major leaguers?  We may be seeing affects of Adderall in the playoffs – SEE ALSO BELOW ‘BREAKING NEWS.’   Check it out. With the Giants history of 23 indicted players since Bonds and Andres Torres ressurection in 2010 thanks to Adderall, we wouldn’t put it past the Giants to be taking advantage of this LEGAL helper…  If 10% of baseball players are using this legal loophole, it could be 20% or more for the Giants.  That’s the only answer we can give you  – and perhaps Victor Conte’s  old tried and true, undetectable  designer testosterone. Maybe a little HGH thrown in,too.  San Francisco Giants. Win at all costs.

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How did Peavy and Vogelsong, other 2014 Giants pitchers raise velocity, lower ERA -0.99 10 games? 

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Up to the second playoff game against St. Louis, the San Francisco Giants had only struck out four times in every playoff game (except for the pitcher in the game against Pittsburg and long 18 inning game against Washington).


When a team stops striking out they’re putting the ball in play and good things are going to happen,  i.e. more Giant hits and forced errors -and that’s exactly what happens when the Giants get in the playoffs or in late-season important games.

As for the hitting, the unlikely Giants pitchers always ramp it up in the playoffs, ie lowest ever 0.99 ERA through 12 payoff games in a row. The other team doesn’t have a chance.  It’s almost like we’ll be SURPRISED IF THE GIANTS LOSE ANY PLAYOFF SERIES! You had pitcher Vogelsong pitching the other night  with the same velocity as ace Bumgarner, which is pretty hard to imagine – the 36 year old 5th man matching the ace of the staff! No wonder he shut down the Nats – as did all the Giants pitchers, really. And Peavy was ramping it up there in the low 90s, too – something he hadn’t done for some time until he came to Giants. Just change the names -they’re all pitching like world beaters in the 1.00 ERA range.


As noted, the Giants only struck out four times a game through the first four games of the playoffs save for  The pitcher in the first game who struck out three times  and then the long game while all other teams in the playoffs are striking out an average of 8 to 10 times a game. When the ball’s in play teams are going to get more hits and on-base on errors and that’s exactly what happens with the Giants when they get to the playoffs;they force errors and get more hits. The Giants hitters are able to run up counts and get on base because they have better hand -eye coordination due to certain factors if you will -artificial factors                                                                                                                                                                               VI                                                                                                                                              

it would appear you don’t see during the regular season . It mostly happens in postseason with the Giants -well , we  should say it happens more in the post season,  like


every year they get into the playoffs when  they suddenly stop striking out and putting the ball in play more and thereby getting on base while forcing the other team to throw more pitches  and make more errors; and this is with a normally weak hitting  team that does strike out a lot in the regular season.



No wonder the other teams go crazy and can’t get these ‘no-name Giants’ out.   Combine that with old war horse pitchers like Vogelsong and Peavy suddenly throwing 93 mph (which he hadn’t done for weeks or years)   the other team doesn’t have much of a chance,  whoever they are. Of all the teams in the playoffs the Giants, sans lighting in a BOTTLE,  are the most unlikely to win 12  games in a row in the playoffs -but they did it and  with pitchers’ microscopic 1.00 ER while setting records.  People – especially Giant ‘psycho’ fans  are calling it talent but the Giants are no more talented than any team in the playoffs, probably less, just as   in 2010 and 2012;  in fact,  they were the 10th and last team to make it this year (2014) as in 2010 and 2012. There’s no way they should be consistently beating better teams like Washington, Detroit and St. Louis  with their weak line up including  rookies with barely two months of major league experience. As for the manager who some call a genius, Bruce Bochy is barely an above-.500 manager – except in the playoffs –  in his years both at San Francisco and San Diego; take away the World Series years and he’s a below .500 manager both in San Francisco and San Diego.

This from a team that came into the 2014 playoffs with one bona fide playoff caliber starter in Bumgarner and he loses the only game the Giants lose in 11 games while the other pitchers are giving up less than 1 run a game to normally top hitting teams , incredibly ,and this goes back 10 games  in the playoffs – with unproven or over the hill  pitchers with very average track records and higher ERA’s become superstars in the playoffs.  It ain’t likely. In fact it’s almost impossible without the help of outside agents, it would appear;  for one or two games it could happen as a fluke -yes it can happen as a fluke but for 10 games in a row – and then for three years in the playoffs since 2010, no. Quite bluntly the Giants are drinking the Kool-Aid it would appear; they’re running out pitchers  they know have taken the koolaid; only on the Giants could you have a team come back with markedly different players three alternate years and  get into the World Series  ; no matter missing a Matt Cain , a Pagan,  a Morse-The Giants find other Kool-Aid drinkers to fill in. The Giants don’t need to make blockbuster trades – after all they didn’t even make the midseason move for a big hitter they really needed , yet here they are again in the playoffs, performing as you don’t see during the regular season . It mostly happens in the playoffs and then World Series for a third year in  five!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


giants pitching regualr season vs post                                                                           `          



It  used to be more about hitting in 2010 and 2012 when players like Scutaro,  Ross, Huff and Burrell  and their ‘sudden surges’upon joining the Giants and , especially, appearing in the post season . Now that the league pitchers have ‘caught up’ and surpassed  the hitters, as it were.Thus, we focus on pitching. While there are still Giants hitters,  like Sandoval , who regularly improve in the post season, it’s more about pitching this year. 



We see in the chart , above,  how virtually every pitcher on the team improves dramatically in the postseason, and we might say last month of the season too, year after year. The Giants have gotten good at this since Bonds and perfecting their unlikely ‘technique’ knowing when and where to take the koolaid -they call it lightning in a bottle – as they do and get away with it now 20 years 25 years since Barry bonds popularized it with 23 indicted  giants along the way and nobody’s tried to stop or even question them other than the all but forgotten book ‘game of shadows’ 7 years ago in this liberal media market where anything goes and nobody seems to care. We can add that these players, in general, also improve when they first come to the giants and continue on. Oh and don’t forget BUMGARNER -not even listed in above chart –  owner of Monday’s shutout performance , who has dropped his ERA also into the zeroes!



   team raises avg

We see from the above chart a typical late-season improvement by Giants hitters.  While the Giants haven’t quite been up to their usual October standards , other than Sandoval and a couple others – perhaps due to improved opponent pitching – don’t be surprised to see it come back , ala 2010 and 2012. As it is one can get an idea, how again the Giants have suddenly improved their hitting late season, when most teams tire and fall off. Pretty startling, isn’t it?




The above chart shows that it’s not just the playoffs.  Giant pitchers improve just coming to the Giants, almost like magic!



Yes. The San Francisco Giants may  have learned well from the local PED guru, Victor Conti of Balco fame,  and perhaps others now 25 years later . As Conti will tell you, anybody should be able to’ get away’  with what the Giants appear to have been getting away with if they do it correctly; the only times people get caught , to quote Conti, is if they’re “dumb or dumber” as in the case with Melky Cabrera, again, quoting Conti.


     Like, how else to explain the San Francisco Giants 0.99 ERA in 12 consecutive games  in the playoffs?  We can understand if it was one or two games we call it a fluke but 12 games in a row where the ERA  has been .99 average just doesn’t make sense .  Maybe with four Sandy Koufaxs’ but not with one ligit starter and four older pitchers who could barely remain the big  leagues.

We are dealing with a pitching staff that has only one legitimate starter with their original opening starters cane on the shelf Lincecum demoted and Vogelsong hanging in there as fifth starter the men who have replaced the Cains and Lincecums:


-JAKE PEAVY  came to the Giants with a one and 13 record,  perhaps the worst starting pitcher in baseball with his 4.48 ERA  has suddenly turned those numbers on their ear with five straight wins and a 2.20 ERA as a Giant


-YUSMEIRO PETIT  was a no-name pitcher before ycoming  to the GIants with a long, mediocre history. A career  5.05 ERA,  he has brought down into the low threes with the Giants including a near no-hitter and 46 street innings of no run ball is their third starter. In big games for the Giants he  almost always comes through.




-TIM HUDSON  is a 39-year-old pitcher who somehow struck eight players in seven innings against  Washington –  more than the Washington ace, Zimmerman’s six strikeouts;  Hudson  matched other Giant starters, holding them to one run in savings just as Peavy did the night before and Bumgarner  and Vogelsong have been doing.


-RYAN VOGELSONG was another  over the hill journeyman picther  with a 4.0+ ERA before he came to the Giants.  Once in S.F. , things quickly turned around for him; he mysteriously was able to up his velocity while cutting his ERA from 6.00 to 3.78 – even lower this year.


– Then you have a host of relievers with little or no track record of a note who’ve all that well since come to the Giants – FL specially much he Casea Who had a 5.0 ERA before coming to the giants where he’s been responsible for numerous victories


–  And on the hitting side don’t forget JOE PANIK.  The Giants had some much confidence in him they brought in Dan Uggla  from Atlanda and his .169 batting  average. At least he had a decade of major league experience. Panik has had two months and yet he’s suddenly, somehow  hitting  as well or better  than his minor league average.


– Ditto for SUSAC and DUFFY. 


On the hitting note the Giants went from being one of the greater strikeout teams to perhaps the fewer strikeouts the playoffs with only four strikeouts through the first two games other than the picture in the first game that accounts for their long at baths and battling pictures better hand I coronation etc. which you didn’t see a lot of during the regular season but October is different the eyes get better hands get better what can you say



It looks like it could be an all PED series much like last year with Baltimore led by Nelson Cruz Kansas City with their history likely to go all the way to Sarasota giants who may not currently have an indictment player on the team but they got a good half season out of indicted Michael Morse and no doubt May have some other Kaydet players on the team it would appear especially with your track record. Space St. Louis has Johnny Peralta with his history and others others possible candidate so we’ve already seen Nelson Cruz single-handedly win Lisa last game of the series against Detroit for Baltimore



Maybe the only way to beat the Giants is to join them.  We were saying ‘It’s not in the Cards’ but after seeing last the Cardinals and their four – count ’em 4 – homers to come back and beat the Giants in Game 2 of the playoffs, maybe the Giants have met their match.  How could this team with the fewest homeruns in the National League come up with 11 through the playoffs and three alone with Mat Carpenter, who had only hit 8 the whole year?   Sad but true if it’s come to this, that teams have to go on the stuff themselves in order to beat the ‘big boys.’  After blowing it in the same scenario in 2012 playoffs, maybe you have to hand it to the Cardinals. AND  we don’t like to say this- and PEDs are wrong whether legal or illegal


 The Giants magical bottle allows them to have better hand-eye co-ordination, see the ball better while striking out less than any other team in the playoffs, putting the ball in play and getting more hits and on base with inferior ( on paper)players like Blanco, Perez, Susac, Duffy….. Hopefully the best team will really  win this time   and put a stop to the one-sided giant shenanigans of 2010 and  2012. 


How Giants hang in there and force errors on other teams. …St. Louis is lucky they got away with it  in Game 2. We should say ‘lucky’ but Giants are really the lucky ones because they’re using means that shouldn’t be used. No way guys like Blanco and Perez should not be getting those base hits against 97 mile-per-hour throwing pitchers . But the Giants have a little extra curricular thing going and they don’t strike out during the playoffs and they put the ball in play and eventually good things can happen for them. They almost pulled it off in Game 2-their first loss in 12 playoff games (!)-  but the Cardinals being the better team  deserved to win. Glad to see a team finally stand up to the Giants, whatever it takes. If drugs are going to be part of a game, let the other team match up.



Give credit to the  Los Angeles Angels, and especially formerly PED- indicted player Josh Hamilton preemption playing a clean against Kansas City Hamilton was out quite a bit and not able to work on his hitting in contrast to the giants Brandon belt who was not able to practice following being out , yet  came back and  started right off  hitting home runs  including the game-winning hit against Washington in the second game 18th inning homerun.




We’d also like to know if drug testing is being done during the playoffs or just during the regular season. We know that testing is done during the off-season now.  It needs to be done during the playoffs. definitely.



It’s our belief that the PDUs has gone up among pitchers  perhaps down a little bit among hitters hitting was getting out of hand there for a while and now it looks like pitching just me looking at the numbers you have to wonder



San Francisco Giants GM Brian’s Sabean attributes the Giant continued success in the playoffs to their experience in the playoffs   but the fact of the matter is that over  half the 2014 team is different from two years ago (2012)  and almost every player different from four years (2010) ago when they first went all the way to the World Series victory. Of course, in 2010 they had NO experience and won with a similar, unlikely team of modest talent.


But then maybe there is something to experience, experience in finding out certain ways to win , devious or otherwise –  getting it down to a science how to do this.  In the Giants case, it’s bringing in marginal players who might ‘take the kool aid’;  why waste money on big name players when you can just keep running guys out there until one sticks?  We’ve seen it time and again.  Scutaro had limited playoff experience when he came over and suddenly started hitting in 2012, nor did Peavy have much playoff experience when he came IN 2014, nor Cody Ross or Huff or Burrell when they came for short stints in 2012 to suddenly start hitting and propel the Giants.  Really , experience had nothing to do with THAT.  The only experience is Sabean knowing how to ‘play the game’  he probably learned from Bonds; and after nobody said anything other than a couple reporters once he found out the Giants could keep getting away with it –  ever since the Bonds days and 23 indicted players later . We’re not saying all the Giants are using artificial means but when you look at the numbers  – and now with legal Adderall we know that 10% of major leaguers are taking it – you have to wonder…seeing all the Giants continued other-worldly stats piling up in the playoffs and World Series – without benefit of a lot of TALENT (including Pagan and Cain this year). 


Then you have many of the same players and others who’ve come to the Giants and improved instantly , including many older players who are doing better  at advanced ages than  they did during their  primes  – and now you have new young players who came out of the blue to perform well late season and in the playoffs – as the attached  statistics  show (and these are only for 2014, not showing all the others like Scutaro, Ross, Huff and co. who had ‘sudden surges’wioth the Giants…..



Finally, as we went  into the 2014 World Series it’s interesting to note that PEDs may have already been affecting baseball’s world series 25 years ago today when the Giants played the A’s in the ‘Earthquake Series, ‘ as we later learned that Mark McGwire and Jose Conseco of the A’s were hitting at a record clip with the help of Creatine and other PEDs at the time.  Who would have thought that 25 years later the Giants are likely, as we see it, still using PEDs perhaps even moreso than what we saw back then. 



AGAIN guiermo mota



There is some question as to the still ‘undetectability’ of designer testosterone, long the favorite of players over the past decade.

While fewer players have been caught by MLB drug testing the past few years, that doesn’t decessarily mean that designer testosterone isn’t still working for players.  Going back to an interview form late, 2012, what Victor Conte said in his ‘dumb and dumber’comments about the  indictment of Giants’ Melky Cabrera and designer testosterone appears to stand today:


Asked about the ease of navigating the testing by ESPN Radio, Conte didn’t mince words in describing how easy it could be for MLB players to use synthetic testosterone during the season.  (Huffington Post, August 20,2012)


“It’s very, very easy. It’s like taking candy from a baby. They only test the players when they’re at the ballpark,” Conte explained.

“Therefore, after a game, you can apply a testosterone cream or a gel or a patch, and this will peak at about four hours after you take it and be all the way back down to baseline about eight hours after. … This helps with tissue repair and healing and recovery, so they just wait until after the game and apply it … and they get the benefit of having that testosterone circulate and accelerate healing.                                                                         


SECRET SAUCE complete 1000

Twenty years since Barry Bonds joined the Giants, in 1997 – and 27 indicted Giants later- San Francisco continues pulling the wool over the eyes with that ‘secret’ Barry Bonds even announced, publicly, he would be sharing with players. Barry Bonds may be gone but the Giants have done well with that secret Bonds shared. And they haven’t looked back.


In a league with drug use as common as Conte claims then perhaps it’s not so awkward for Cabrera to win the batting title.


We also have learned in the literature that these new PEDs, even though hardly detectable in testing- if at all (Adderall) – will stay in a player’s system for some length of time.So, even if players take PEDs during the off-season they could have a real affect on the game the following season even if the player is no longer ingesting the drugs. That’s the one scenario, but, more than likely, players are using DURING the season and getting added spikes of performance, as needed, ie playoffs and World Series. 

 bond-giants WON world series and all i got was this

FROM THIS POINT WE WILL NOW HIGHLIGHT THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, YEAR BY YEAR, GOING BACKWARDS, BEGINNING WITH THE CURRENT, 2016 TEAM  NOW GOING FOR, YES, IT’S FOURTH  ‘EVEN YEAR’  WORLD SERIES. And , they’re well on their way, what with the best record in baseball and their best All Star Break record since coming to San Francisco in 1958! To GET THE FULL


How Giants REALLY WON 3 World Seires after 56 years without

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