How Could San Francisco Giants Go from First To Worst In One Year With Same Core Players ?

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While long time GM Brian Sabean seems to have all but disappeared,  much of the blame for the Giants dismal and unprecedented 2016-2017 demise has fallen on the back of ever-present new GM Bobby Evans. Fact is, many of the problems  that have led to the awful 2017 and 2016 second half, to a large extent, go back to Sabean and his long term contracts given to marginal and aging players along with dismantling of the farm system. Not to mention lack of frequent, innovative moves like other teams including the Dodgers and even the Oakland A’s.  Sure, blame President of Giants , Larry Baer, too, to some extent along with the Giants Board and manager Bochy to a lesser extent, but Sabean was the GM for all those many years, going back to the late 1990s and Barry Bonds, and should shoulder most of the blame.  Poor Evans. After Sabean supposedly turned over the GM reigns to him   Evans had little left to work with, i.e. few pickins left for which other teams would want to trade as well as  being strapped with the fifth highest payroll in baseball which isn’t going away anytime soon.


Adderall was , technically, legal in baseball and the Giants sure took advantage of it, among other illegal PEDs of choice. Of course, we later would learn how Andres Torres and Aubrey Huff crashed and burned from it but only after having career years at advanced ages.   Might explain the volatile, ups and downs of other players, too , who never admitted to using it -long after Mitchell Report and Game of Shadows provided an early glimpse into rampant PED use, especially on the Giants.


After mastering wild cards and PEDs only to see other teams follow in their wake, the Giants were certainly ‘false positives’ to win again this year. That was about the only thing Sabean got right this year, while summing up his ‘excuse’ for the Giants second worst season since coming to San Francisco 60 years ago. (Of course, Sabean didn’t say anything about the PEDs but it’s a fact that at least six (known) players –remember Torres, Huff, Cabrera, Mota, Guillen and Morse? – with PED histories probably gave the Giants an unfair advantage at the time. By the time the Milkman was run out of town and baseball (temporarily) in 2012 he had almost single-handedly catapulted the Giants to the playoffs – and it wasn’t even August yet. The team parlayed what Bonds and Balco had taught them to become Wild Card Winners.  In 2010, 2012 and 2014, The Giants would win their first three World Series in 56 years without nary a star; it was the ‘black market ‘ players –including seven KNOWN PED users –  who really made it possible and then Bumgarner, Sandoval, Pence , Ross,  Scutaro and a few other unlikely players   over-performing in those wild card-aided post seasons WITH EVEN GREATER,  MYSTERIOUSLY-ELEVATED NUMBERS.


Bochy has been heaped with praise as an ‘All Star manager’ but, in fact, he has now lost more career games than he’s won as manager (1853-1852 as of this writing) . A very nice guy , however,  and we wish him the best. But the rest of the Giants have been mostly a lackluster group offering rare spurts of success against lesser pitchers; for three NON-CONSECUTIVE(?) years they were able to carry on the   Bondsian tradition (without the homers) to finally win their first (3) World Series after 56 year drought . This with only one possible consistent,  standout player.




BUMGARNER giants pitching regualr season vs post 1000



During regular season, Bumgarner has been mere mortal rarely ranking in the Top 10 -here he was 21st best in his big World Series year of 2014-while dropping in velocity and raising his ERA in only his eighth full season in the majors



Posey may be the only  real, consistent ‘star’ on the team including the World Series years (2010–2014) but even he’s fallen on hard times, having to cut down his power to maintain a .300 average -the only such player on the team. And, this group of players is not old, none over 30 except Hunter Pence and newcomer Span and returnee Sandoval.  Bumgarner has never been anything more than an above average pitcher who rarely ranks in the Top Ten among pitching stats, except for the 2014 post season where possible taint was exposed again ( a unlikely , other-worldly 0 .30 ERA against the top teams and hitters in baseball, just as it was with the Panda and Pence performing  Herculean-like in the 2012 series and a cast of cast-offs suddenly performing ‘with chemistry’ (as Bonds so well once commented, though without intending a second meaning ), namely  Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell and Marco Scutaro, only to name a few.  When history looks back at these World Series years, none of the  current crop will rank with earlier San Francisco greats like Mays, McCovey, Cepeda (who never were on    World Series winners). For the recent group, this has been a rather short-lived, wild-card drivin, PED-aided spurt which culminated a 20 year run-up begun by one Barry Bonds and his bondsian ways, if you know what we mean, still applauded in  open-minded San Francisco but not much elsewhere. Bonds, like his manager, Bochy, is also now considered Hall of Fame material once the air clears but , in fact, Bonds was nothing more than an above-average .290 hitter averaging 25 homers per season before he joined the Giants and the BALCO fraternity in 1997 at almost 30,  only then  building his stats to artificially-enhanced Hall of Fame numbers. Just ask talented Giancarlo Stanton, who with all his power and likely natural ability will never break Bonds’ (*) homer records.  Again, if it weren’t for the newish double wild cards, along with PEDs, the Giants would be going on 60-plus years without a World Series win.



In order to avoid 100 losses in 2017 the Giants had to play their top players (as it were) at the  finish line rather than look at their few, healthy young prospects as do other teams no longer in contention.  And it took the fifth highest payroll in baseball to lose more games than any other team.  You can’t blame the Phillies or Detroit or White Sox for having nearly as bad records, already accepting  the ‘starting over’ game yet with some real young hot prospects – something the Jints can only dream about, just like a 20 home run hitter whom they will have to somehow acquire in the off season if they don’t want to finish in last place again. Yet, somehow, Sabean, lurking in the background and still pulling the real strings for Bobby Evans, thinks ‘he’ can make it back next year with largely the same team, currently with only one .300 hitter and no players with 20 homeruns. Even if he does acquire that 20-homer (or hopefully better) hitter it will be far from enough. Crawford and Belt were never the hot new studs they were billed as and should only sink lower in the numbers as they age without some new, stronger ‘fairy dust ‘  that MLB testing won’t catch.



It’s almost laughable to hear Sabean and company talk in hushed tones about not breaking up their ‘core.’ Even if teams wanted his players, it would be hard to move them with the long, outrageous contracts the Jints have consistently given out to  many  barely marginal players. With only Posey, Bumgarner and possibly Crawford offering any real marketability, the Giants may not realize it but they have no real core and with little or nothing coming up on the minor league horizon.  Not one of their young players has shown any consistency yet; it’s possible one or two will develop ala Posey and Bumgarner, but since the Giants have traded off what minor league talent they had, it will likely take years to rebuild – yes, rebuild the farm system – and major league team.



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