Once Again SF Giants Hope Smoke and Mirrors (with Marginal PED Players?) Can Sneak Them Into Post Season.

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Baseball Junkie Aubrey Huff

BASEBALL JUNKIE -Aubrey Huff book finally explained his career year at 35 and sudden drop

Only on the San Francisco Giants do you have fair to midlin’ guys suddenly having career years at the age when most players start
slowing down… The Giants unload the coffers again for McCutcheon, Longoria and Jackson only to see perpetual losers
Belt, Crawford and Gorkys Hernandez(!) hitting 70 points higher than the aforementioned.. Gorkys went from ‘Dorkys’– perhaps the number one laughing stock  player in the league (with zero homers and a embarrassing-sounding name)
no team wanted .   Shades of the past when
Giants bring in over the hill no-name guys like Aubrey Huff, Pat Burell, Cody Ross, Andres Torres, Marco Scuturo to do better than
the high paid guys… How does a guy hitting .189 in April suddenly hit .450 through May (Crawford) and Belt hit homers
in four consecutive games (shades of Pablo in 2012 post season where he hit three homers in one game off Verlander!).
It’s not magic. How does it happen time and again for the Giants going back to Bonds. Gorkys is pulling an Andres Torrez – one

We know about Bonds a .290 lifetime hitter in his 20s with Pittsburg, where he never hit more than 36 homers, only to
suddenly raise his average and homer production by about 30% when he came to the Giants. We for for a fact it was PEDs
with him and we also know that with Torres, too, who told us it was Adderall , a performance enhancer that did it
for him as well as for Huff, who recently wrote a book about the drug that really may have made the difference for the
Giants getting into the 2010 series before it nearly killed Huff a year later.

The Giants will never go down as one of the great world series teams, only getting in thanks to the Wild Card and
PEDs… We know that many players are known to go to PEDs late in their careers to make a run at the big bucks…
andn that’s exactly what happened to the Giants, the ‘poster team’ for PEDs in the home of Balco, liberal San Francisco,
where anything goes -and the one place fans still love Barry Bonds. The Giants were and are a mediocre team incapable
of making great trades or even signing big name free agents. But they’re never afraid to acquire KNOWN PED users like
Byrd, Morse, Cabrera, Mota, etc – over 20 Giants were KNOWN PED users since Bonds introduced his publicly announced ‘secret’ to other team members in 2002, which even then got them to a World Series…


Giants first(?) Adderall user , ANDRES TORRES and a career year in 2010 when most players are retired and may have been the difference, alone, to propel Giants to the team’s first World Series victory in 56 years


aubrey huff

Huff, like Torres, would later admit to Adderall use in his book, Baseball Junkie, which describes overf-performing in 2010 only to see his career drop

‘The Brandons’ go back to the Bonds era. If they didn’t play with him they had him as a special hitting coach on at least one ocassion, brought back by the Giants and they’re Bonds-loving fans.  The Giants like to keep people on board familiar with the PED culture first brought upon by Bonds. Most recently the Giants have welcomed young pitcher named Rodriques, son of the infamous ‘Pudge’ Rodriquez, both a strong candidate for the Baseball Hall of fame and maybe not so much by many who believe he was one of those caught up in the PED scandals of the 2010s, a time during which few were caught and indicted. How else can one explain .250 career hitters going on month-long hitting tears while hitting over .400 in May.  It’s interesting that the Brandons and Dorkys have had  their streaks simultaneously, perhaps between drug tests!

Once again, the Giants have players coming off the dump heap to for career years doing better than the high contract players , e.g. Austin Jackson, qho Dorkys is now replacing in the lineup and could be expendable in a few weeks.  Pitcher Samardja is yet another guy – with a losing record- for whom Giants overpaid. At the rate he’s going , the Giants may well be in line to eat the remaining three years of his contract at $19 million per year.