Add Sandoval To #SFGiants Now ‘Fake Five’ With Record Homer Pace

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Add Pablo Sandoval to #sfgiants now  ‘fake five’ as full time player responding at a pace to hit more homers than he did in World Series years

  Make That the  SF Giants’ ‘Fake Five’ (No longer ‘Miscreant Four’) with Addition of Sandoval’s ‘Record’ Eight Homers

After not hitting for a few games, you knew the San Francisco Giants  would find a way to come back and win the final game of the St. Louis series July 8.  After all, the team without  a natural super-starsomehow  had had the highest batting average in the league until the previous week.  But COMING BACK NOT   the way most teams do. But  the same way they did it to win their first (3) World Series’ in 56 years (2010-2014) when they had but one bonafide slugger and one pitching star.   This was a lineup of not the names you might expect – Posey, Longoria and McCutcheon – but the Miscreant Four – or now ‘ Fake Five’ as the group has enlarged   to include Pablo Sandoval, no longer a part time player and a guy who, four years after leaving the Giants and failing in Boston, and now at age 31- is hitting homers at a pace (for him)  far exceeding his best years with the Giants when he was in his prime.  But just how can this happen? How can Panda all these unlikely or even unknown Giants suddenly thrash one of  best bull pens in baseball not to mention other teams’ bullpens with ‘no names’ and would-be over-the-hill players?


Same way they’ve done it all season – as needed.  When the going gets tough, the Giants  _   ___   _ (fill in the blanks).  A full 10 of the 13 runs driven in by the Giants July 8 against St. Louis were from members of the ‘Fake Five’ with Sandoval leading the way with five!  Without them the game could well have been an 8-3 St. Louis  victory just as the second game win would have been a  loss  as Fake Fiver Sandoval   drove in and scored the winning run with another homer.  He now has eight homeruns in only 191 at bats; in his best World Series Year for homers, 2014, it took him 588 games to  hit 16. Now he’s on a pace  to  have his best homer year ever, 24 or better, based on playing a full regimen of games (600 or more at bats) at age 31 when most players are already on a downward spiral, like Posey, Pence, McCutcheon and Longoria. Only members of the Fake Five seem to improve with age; be sure to include Gorkys, who  already is having his best homer year by far, with nine, at age 31, after hitting zero last year and a total of eight in his previous four seasons. Remember another early Faker, Barry Bonds, who did his best hitting after the age of 36, when he ‘broke’ the world’s record by  with 73

But it’s not just the one game  against St. Louis.  Most Giants wins have resulted in key hits by one or more members of the now ‘Fake Five,’ if you will. It’s just that this day involved ALL FIVE!  Without  the Fake 5 the Giants would be groveling in last place with perhaps the worst record in baseball, as they had last year. After all, they haven’t benefited from trades, as they rarely do – except by the unlikely has beens and no names suddenly performing with unlikely skill. Multi-Million Dollar man Austin Jackson has already been banished to Texas in exchange for a player to be named later.  Longoria is sidelined after showing little penchant for helping the Giants to another playoff run. Nor has McCutcheon showed any such penchant, nor should he be expected , now at age 31.  Yet, incredibly, previous under-performers  like Gorkys Hernandez, Alen Hanson, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt and Pablo Sandoval are all having very unlikely career years (Pablo for his surprising homer per amount of games played at an advanced age – and as compared to playing in Boston, better known for hitting. It brings back memories  of Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff, Marcos Scutaro and others who also ‘magically’ had great years after coming to the Giants at advanced baseball ages.


You gotta feel a bit sorry for some of those opposing pitchers, not used to getting shelled    by hitters named Gorkys, Panda , Hansen and even Brandon.   It’s nothing new in San Francisco.  Just as  it took years and the ‘excommunication’  of two San Francisco  sports writers brave enough to expose  Barry Bonds  ‘secret to success’ (‘Game of Shadows’ book)  re. his unlikely  hitting prowess after coming to San Francisco, it may take years until people again awaken to how the Giants continue to alter the outcome of games via artificial means, in our opinion, as they have been doing for more than two decades in the backdrop of BALCO.  Or, maybe most fans just don’t care, especially in the tolerant San Francisco area, but some of us still do. Just as the new Commissioner of Baseball tries to tamper  with the best  original  sport, we are just as against the San Francisco Giants trying to manipulate games artificially by   continuing to bring in players with records of  ILLEGAL (and even legal) performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) or those suspected of PED use . (After all,  it’s no   coincidence that the Giants have long been the leaders  in PEDs  with 25 KNOWN users on the team to date.)


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