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Billy Beane, Brian Sabean

More than longest real GMs in majors, Beane and Sabean still wield perhaps too much power- Beane decimating A’s with yearly kill-offs, Sabean bringing in ‘shadowy’ figures that may help Giants win but hurting  baseball

Wolf/A’s Still Taking Out Stadium Frustrations on Fans



Oakland A’s real General Manager and part owner, Billy Beane has worn out his welcome.


Now more than 15 years since he effectively took over the organization – shades of Charles Finley and the early days of the Oakland A’s – Beane has again decimated the team and the morale of all concerned,   much like Finley did when he brought the Kansas City Atheetics to Oakland in 1968 . Only difference is that, in the end, Finley succeeded with World Series teams while Beane hasn’t.


Five years after putting a bare bones A’s team on the field in 1968 when he first came to town, Finley DELIVERED with not one but three consecutive World Series champion teams, in 1972-4.  Finley was a character and a maverick, like Beane. Like Beane, he didn’t like spending money. But, Finley figured out how to win. Perhaps it was the same FREE Agency that would later destroy  Finley, it was FREE Agency that kept his early-70s teams in tact.


Beane has taken over where Finley left off. Beane cannot sit on his hands long enough to let a team really jell. The last time we came close  was 2014 when a strong A’s team with new manager Bob Melvin won the division and made the playoffs. But, before the A’s  could put the finish on a  shiny new team, it was pulled out from under him in yet another fire sale with the sudden but not-so-shocking departure of , first, Yohannes Cespedes, then Josh Donaldson, Ben Zobrist and others.  As we know, Cespedes went on to become the New York Mets’ big gun while Donaldson became the MVP for Toronto’s Blue Jays.  Whatever the A’s got in return wasn’t worth remembering. I sure don’t.  Bunch of no-name young players.  Even if any were to jell, they’d be gone again before they could get any traction.


And, so it goes for Beane and the Oakland A’s – and Oakland fans.  Two years later, things seem only  worse, with the the sudden trade deadline departure of the A’s best hitter , Josh Reddick and best pitcher, Aaron Hill.  Again, Beane- who HAS made good trades in the past- is probably past his prime  but,  more importantly, his ego and even childish attitude  is keeping him from ever going ‘all the way.’  For Reddick and Hill the A’s only get in returnthree minor-league pitchers, two with ERAs over 4.0


Meanwhile the A’s have – no surprise- lost their last six games since their latest giveaway.’


It’s become a broken record. Beane builds the team and then destroys it. Over and over .


Just when players and fans begin to think they’ve got something, POOF! Its’ gone.


No other team in baseball operates like the Oakland A’s.  With Finley , it WAS at least in part a money issue. With Oakland , silent owner Fishers are considered among the wealthiest owners in the game. Yet, they continue to play their ‘sour grapes-no stadium’ game – or whatever causes them to continually decimate the team, despite their deep pockets.

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Oakland A’s 2015 Post Mortem – Good A’s, Bad Billy ‘Giveth and Taketh Away’

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The Oakland admin, rather than want to  win, seem to use the team as a financial toy.  If they’re losing money, they can write things off. If they’re making money , so be it. Easier, they figure, to make money on streamlined salaries than  figuring out how to build revenue after paying big-time salaries to big time players.


You’d think ‘Mr.Money Ball’ would know simple economics that tell you a team with good players are more likely to win, thereby bringing in more fans and generating more revenue, in the long run . The  old ‘Haas’ teams of the ’80s and ’90s showed they  can make money with attendance consistently over two million, despite the wrong, prior consensus by some that the Bay Area could only support two baseball teams. This was proved wrong.



To the point that even the new commissioner wants the Oakland A’s to remain in Oakland at least five more years, despite non-silent  owner, Lew Wolff’s continued attempts to move the team.

Now, it’s a   known fact that Wolf,Beane and Fischer are sour grapes, upset  they haven’t gotten their shiny new stadium, like the Giants, by now.  They’ve even admitted they won’t  try to win until they know they  will have a new stadium. So,  they continue to spin their wheels 15 years later,dismantling the team  on a yearly basis to an orphaned, shrinking fan base.

When Wolf made it quite obvious in past years that he wasn’t going to play to win the previous commissioner put him on the spot. This attitude goes against the grain of baseball and everything right. This should be grounds for taking the team away from Wolf, as former commissioner(s) warned him in the past. Now Manfred has turned a blind eye; you’d think he’d want to see the A’s do a   better on the field and at the gate, yet he comes to town and says the A’s are good for Oakland and should stay in place, regardless, for at least the next five years.



The A’s and Beane started out well, having    winning seasons,  until Beane decided in 2010 to hire his friend and best man, BOG GEREN, as manager who brought the A’s their first four losing seasons in years, until Geren was forced out by fan insurrection.

Beane had made one of his many peculiar statements that ‘the manager has no effect on the game’ which was proven very wrong when  Bob Melvin came in and quickly turned the team from   sub .500 to playoff caliber in 2014. That was until the A’s just missed going to the World Series when Kansas City slipped by them.

Beane couldn’t stand to wait around another year without putting on his trading hat.

Besides getting rid of his best players, many A’s have had mysterious , prolonged injuries. Of late, pitchers Doolittle and Gray , come to mind.


While hurting the team, Beane has also affected players lives.  Even those , like Reddick, wanting to stay with the A’s (for some reason) , were built up and then let down.  The little hope that  maybe, just maybe, A’s ownership and changed it’s ways and decided to pay with the big boys (signing Cespedes for $10 million) and others, did not follow.  Today, the A’s are perhaps the worst team in baseball to go along with their worst- or nearly worst- record and attendance.


Past commissioners used to chide Finley for purposely hurting the team, as if not wanting to win.  Yet,  Beane seems more the classic case of this.  Despite what some once regarded as the best GM in baseball, Beane has not brought a World Series team to Oakland the entire time – and Beane is the longest -running GM in baseball (even though David Forst is not the ‘officially’ named GM, just like Bobby Evans is the said GM in San Francisco even though Brain Sabean still lurks over him.

It seems perhaps the only Administrator worse than Beane may be the Commissioner himself, who has failed to continue the PED cleanup (eight indicted major leagues already this year), tries to tamper with the game including talk of changing the roles of relief pitchers, modifying the designated hitter. Where the game may need changing, such as improving the All Star game and perhaps getting rid of inter -league play, Manfred has done nothing.



Perhaps it’s high time for fans to revolt again, not   because of the manager this time but because of the very man who was praised and about which a movie was made.  Perhaps it’s time  for Melvin to finally speak out. Here’s yet another talent going to waste, having to watch his best players taken away, seemingly every year.


Something is definitely wrong with this picture where Manfred seems to ignore and yet encourage the use of PEDs to pump up homer output and, thus, a better show for fans, while letting  team owners like Beane/Wolf/Fischer continue their decimation of the team 15 years later.  Owners such as that of the Florida Marlins and Finley, as mentioned, have been excoriated for intentionally hurting  their  teams, and , thus the fans, but for some reason this Commissioner instead gives the A’s a verbal extension in Oakland. Maybe it’s his backhand way of telling off Wolf and Beane, but if so not the best way to go.


Baseball  was a great game, but now just a shadow of itself with everything wrong about it. today.

The way things are going with the current principles in charge we see nothing changing  , and thereby, no hope for the future.  Baseball  Attendance is down in general -both in stadium and on television – yet there must be enough revenue  or financial shenanigans among owners to leave things alone.  Perhaps baseball is simply symptomatic of society in general  where what was good is now considered bad and vice versa; ie crime is up and education is down, terrorism is rampant while the economy struggles along in it’s eighth year below 3% annual growth. .  Welcome to the new world.

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BOCHY 30 YEARS IN THE SHADOWS OF PEDs – FREE 25 Page ‘Look Back’,200 page E-book

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bruce bochy and bob melvin

bruce bochy and bob melvin

Much like former manager Tony LaRussa of Oakland and St. Louis , Giants manager Bruce Bochy whether by choice or not has spent most of his baseball career in the shadows of performance enhancing drugs. How seemingly good men like La Russa and Bochy reconcile the situation would be an interesting matter.  But, regardless, Bochy was there in San Diego during PEDs very infancy of the Ken Caminiti era around the time LaRussa was watching Mark McGwire and Jose Conseco hit mammoth homers for the Oakland A’s. It hasn’t stopped, either, for Bochy. With the Giants, Bochy played second man to Barry Bonds of Balco fame, yet was never able to bring a World Series victory , nor manager of the year for the Giants.  Then, in 2010 ,  thirty years later, following a career   .500 win-loss record , Bochy   finally saw his Giants win not one but three World Series, with basically three different lineups marked by  SIX KNOWN PED USERS.  ‘MORE GIANT SHADOWS’ is a   200-page e-book fascinating look back at the PED era and the team that   most perpetuated  what was formerly known as steroids. CLICK HERE FOR FREE 25 page excerpt from ‘MORE GIANT SHADOWS.’

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            Perhaps Bobby Evans WAS allowed to operate on the trade block without major interference from his mentor, Brian Sabean too close behind. Because, for the first time in years the Giants went after seemingly legit, non-shadowy figures  unlike the Melky Cabreras and, yes, Marco Scutaros and even Hunter Pences of  the past. We know what happened to Cabrera with the Giants and we saw Cabrera’s homeboy and buddy, Scutaro , raise his Colorado average nearly 100 points with the Giants while Pence, himself, suddenly put up some otherworldly numbers, especially in the post-season. But, it’s still too early to tell. Don’t put it past Sabean and Co. to acquire another Scutaro or Byrd-like figure in August for the stretch run. Sabean still controls the strings that saw the Giants win their first three  World Series in 56 years that wouldn’t have happened without acquiring at least six KNOWN PED users. (SEE ‘MORE GIANT SHADOWS‘.)



It’s possible that the Giants newcomers Smith, Nunez and Moore   will improve on their 2016  first half  plebeian numbers, though the early returns aren’t promising. The Giants already have young, low-wage pitchers (Law, Strickland, et al) with better numbers than Smith or Moore. The Giants post All-Star drop-off may indicate the  old Bonds secret sauce may have  run out with a new, more innocent (yet honest-bless him) GM Bobby Evans. Getting rid of needed fielding and a fan favorite in Matt Duffy was probably a mistake.