Don’t Be Surprised To See SF Giants Go All The Way Again

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 Names Change  Year to Year but

San Francisco Giants modus

operandi the Same in 2014


Don’t be surprised to see the underdog San Francisco Giants bash – or, at least, beat whoever, all the way to perhaps their third World Series win in five years. And, don’t be surprised to see in the starting  lineup players like Joe Panik and, especially, Travis Ishakawa – who you wouldn’t have imagined starting a playoff game even two months ago.  It’s typical of the Giants to find what they call ‘lightning in a bottle’ as they did with unlikely people like Cody Ross-and, for awhile Jose Guillen in 2010, Marco Scutaro and others in 2012 (not to mention already unlikely contributors such as ‘over the hill’ players Andres Torrez, Pat Burrell, Aubrey Huff, Ryan Vogelsong and even Barry Zito who somehow become late season sudden stars for the Giants.


Ishakawa is the latest example of a late season player to ‘magically’ start hitting
once with the Giants. Ishikawa was hitting just .206 with Pittsburg before comingto the Giants in July. The 30-year-old  is batting .274, a figure he hasn’t   reached  since playing with – ha! – the San Francisco Giants in 2008, one of two years he hit that high,the other 2006 also with the Giants .


The question becomes, what exactly is in that ‘bottle’ as in ‘lightning in -‘?   We certainlyhope our doubts can be assuaged but seeing similar scenarios of mediocre player after player come  to the Giants and suddenly, if not star, boost his numbers significantly while perhaps and likely adding to an uneven playing field favoring the Giants. (Yes, other teams may have some similar players in situations but not to the volume and duration of the Giants (going back to Bonds with 23 KNOWN PED users, not to mention those giving indication of using).


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The Names Change  Year to Year but San Francisco Giants modus operandi the Same in 2014