Duffy, Panik, Heston,Tomlinson, Parker plus – ‘No Name’ Giants Exposed

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Unlikely Transformations updated 8-28-15

Duffy, Panik, Heston – ‘No Name’ Giants Exposed – Detailing Unlikely Performance Increases

 Add Kelby Tomlinson, Jarrett Parker, Mac Williamson and Trevor Brown to that list.   Unproven minor leaguers,  SEVEN (7) unlikely new Giants with no major league experience all hitting over .300 with the Giants – better than than their minor league averages!  Are there any young  Giants   NOT hitting over .300?  What’s wrong with this picture. What’s in the water in San Francisco?


After a long, rigorous year, Tomlinson has finally dropped below Add Kelby Tomlinson Jarrett Parker, Mac Williamson and Trevor Brown to that list. Seven new Giants with no major league experience all hitting over .300


It’s September /Late Season when the Giants ALWAYS do this.  Names may change but the Giants ALWAYS start surging this time of year (since 2010).






Duffy, Matt composite career and long beach state   HOW DOES A GUY WHO NEVER HIT A HOMERUN OR ABOVE .266  IN COLLEGE HIT 9 AND OVER .300 IN THE MAJORS  


Even in college, at Long Beach State, MATT DUFFY’s  power numbers were low– non-existent to be exact. Once in the Giants farm system, Duffy must have started lifting weights or used ‘other means.’ We don’t think Duffy is a big weight lifter at 6 ‘ 2″ and 170- and even weight lifting only does so much to help with power numbers.  We know from former Giants farmhand Garrett Brohius that at least one Giants minor league coach encouraged him to use  ‘other means’  , if you will, and that is the only explanation we can see for Duffy’s sudden and greatly increasing power – well  over a 100% increase in homers this year based on career at- bats (as well as  with average)  as he climbs through the  Giants system where he now has a higher SLG (slugging percentage) any time in his career, including minors and college, while maintaining a batting average over his minor league average.




Like Duffy, 2014 was the key year JOE PANIK just as the parent San Francisco Giants would doing anything for a decent second baseman after going through six (including .166 hitting Dan Uggla).  Panik was so raw and ‘unlikely’ the Giants hadn’t even considered him but when Uggla couldn’t BUY a single hit during his short stay  the Giants, in total desperation, called up Panik, only in his first year at AAA.   As if God had called from above, ‘Panik Will Hit like Duffy’  young Joe inexplicably  raised his average going from Double A (AA) to Triple A (AAA) ball – but in his case it was almost a 70 point increase (from .257 to .332) – shades of when Marco Scutaro came from Colorado to the Giants in 2012, raising his average from .262 to .350 the second half of the season.  At least with the 37-year-old Scutaro, he was going from one major league team to another. Panik was somehow able to increase his average significantly going from the low minors to the high minor leagues when, if anything, it should be the other way around;  it’s normal for a player to drop somewhat in average at each successive level. But not Duffy or Panik.       PANIK VS DUFFY – Best Ever Slugging for Skinny Third Baseman, Sandoval Way Behind



It’s a fact that there’s been a  challenge between Panik and Duffy  to ‘out-homer’ each other. You’d think these guys were goofing around in the minors. But here, they are in the majors, you have these neophytes in their first full seasons, after undistinguished minor league careers , challenging  team leader Buster Posey in batting average – AND  home runs with Duffy only a few behind the team leader  and rivaling second baseman Brandon Crawford  – who also, inexplicably, is having his best homer season of his career with 11 .   Meanwhile, while Duffy is just getting used to his relatively new third base position, he’s somehow managed to have his BEST -EVER SLUGGING percentage  (total bases/at bats) of .466. By comparison, Posey’s slugging percentage is only 35 poings higher!







DUFFY vs. SANDOVAL Remember Pablo Sandoval, the $20 million dollar man  who Duffy replaced?  It’s not even close with with Duffy slugging 100 points higher with more homerruns and hitting 50 points higher!  Three months ago if someone told you a skinny 23-year-old banjo-hitter  named Duffy would be out -hitting Sandoval in all categories you would have laughed. Not to mention the price differential. All we can do is say that there’s something wrong with this picture. And we thought Sandoval was an UNREAL  hitter- at least the way hit hit the ball LEFT-handed. If you figure Duffy’s power and along with batting average, he’s never had a better season than he’s currently having, even if you go all the way back to low minors, and of course college, where he didn’t do much.   With Duffy there wasn’t the dramatic one-year batting increase as with Panik.  It appears that Panik was already ‘asserting his power’ which will usually lead to a drop in batting average.PANIK   Then, there’s one more ‘miracle.’ When it comes to Pitching…   TO BE CONTINUED…



TO COME – From 267th Round Draft Choice to No Hitter- THE CHRIS HESTON STORY

NOT TO MENTION JARRETT PARKER, a .280 hitter wither 23 homers in the minors this year,  who was only recalled because  of the usual September call-ups that allow 40 roster players  has just hit 6 homeruns in his first 24 at bats -three in one game- with  a .400 average since coming up again with the Giants. Earlier in the year he couldn’t do anything right with the Giants and now he can’t do anything wrong. what a difference four months make!  Then there’s Mac Williamson and Trevor Brown. Where does it end. WHAT IS IN THE WATER IN SAN FRANCISCO.


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****   Yes, other teams and their players other than the Giants have and are still likely still using PEDs – despite what the top baseball brass might tell you – but the Giants with Barry Bonds were the ones who really opened the PED flood gates and have long been leading the way (24 PED indicted players since Bonds and six in the past three World Series years).  Despite that no players have been caught for PEDs this year -other than the first week when three were caught with the same older type of PED-  Major League Baseball  drug testing still does not appear to have kept up with players and their latest designer steroids, as PED guru Victor Conte has described to us on multiple occasions. We saw 20 players caught for PEDs in 2013- thanks to the Biogenesis leak – that MLB COULD NOT  find through its own testing.  Based on this and some still unlikely power numbers , batting averages and  ERAs among certain players today, it would appear that PEDs may likely have affected participating teams and performances in recent World Series – and continue to be affecting baseball adversely today, in our opinion.




The Giants have won three World Series in five years with basically two name players (Bumgarner and Posey) and three virtually different teams, except for those two and a few others. They’ve won by , mysteriously(?) , coming on strong every post season and not striking out and, basically, over-performing not once but three years running, regardless of the changing cast of characters – players many of which the Giants picked up on waivers and couldn’t have given away who, suddenly, inexplicably, come on in late career for career seasons, ie Andres TorrezMarco Scutaro, Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell – and of course known PED guys like Melky Cabrera, Jose Guillen and Michael Morse, which didn’t hurt and provided many game-winning hits during their short stays with the Giants. 


BUMGARNER giants pitching regualr season vs post 1000


While many have turned a blind eye to PEDs- especially in places like liberal San Francisco where ‘anything goes’ and certain media folks have admitted they don’t care – baseball has suffered  in the ratings – especially World Series TV coverage as well as overall attendance that has dropped significantly the past five years. Maybe not coincidentally, this is the period during which the Giants have been winning their unlikely World Series.  Too bad younger fans  have had to grow up knowing nothing other than the PED era where one has to guess as to which players REALLY have talent as opposed to PED help. While a lot of players, current and past, are reticent to talk about the ongoing travesty of PEDs  (now over 20 years later) – except for Jose Conseco and Ken Camaniti, who have suffered for it- many people have  turned away from baseball.  PEDs is not a problem alone to baseball with other sports such as tennis also affected, where a lack of ‘policing’ also exists.  Basketball, in which is not so much dependent on musculature and power, has probably taken away some of baseball’s fans with highest- ever numbers.   If MLB, its teams , the media and even the fans don’t ‘police’ the sport of baseball better, it may continue to lose following. Many have grown tired of seeing low hit games without a competitive back and forth and overdependence on power pitching and stikeouts.








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Duffy, Panik, Heston – ‘No Name’ Giants Exposed – Detailing Unlikely Performance Increases



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