EDITORIAL – DeflateGate Minor Stuff Compared to Steroids in Baseball

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EDITORIAL – DeflateGate  Minor Stuff Compared to Steroids in Baseball


Much has been written  of late about the ‘terrible crime’ and obfuscation by Tom Brady and the New England Brady for deflating footballs in  the football playoff(s) last year.  



Instead of spending so much time on Tom Brady and ‘DeflateGate’ why do n’t the strong East Coast media come out West to liberal San Francisco and start going  after baseball and steroids, which REALLY affect the outcome of ball games in a locale and game where there is little scrutiny of a much more serious issue  which  also  causes injuries and even deaths.  DeflateGate was the result of a weak NFL rule in   allowing teams to control their own footballs, whereas in baseball ‘up to 50% of players’ continue using  performance enhancing drugs, in our opinion and quoting PED guru Victor Conte -the league has admitted to allowing 10% of players to use thje steroid Adderall, alone – which directly affect the outcomes of games;  specifically, three world series  in the last five years won by the San Francisco Giants with five KNOWN PED-indicted players with hightened stats,   not to mention many other suspect players and their actions, in our opinion.



Meanwhile, the new commissioner of baseball carries on like the former one, acting as if steroids have all but disappeared from baseball, while the local, hometown, liberal West Coast media -the  same ones who helped get long time PED user Barry Bonds off his perjury conviction- have no interest in questioning the unlikely results of a Giants team with but two bonafide stars and three unique sets of players with the same  modus operandi,  sneaking into post-seasons  while suddenly putting up other-worldly stats  August-October,  beating much better teams with  proven histories not once but three years running. Steroids  and PEDs have much greater affect in  a sport like baseball, than say basketball or even football, where the use of muscles are key as a skill set.  Not surprisingly, baseball attendance and viewership  has dropped during the same period bogus team(s)  keep winning – and the Giants aren’t the only such team  but have led the pack , by far, with over 20 PED-inidicted players since Bonds really put steroids on the map almost  two decades ago – and they haven’t diminished since but grown with newer designer drugs out-pacing supposed competent drug testing of players.



Today, it’s more the pitchers putting up more of the unwordly numbers with increased  pitching velocities and unhittable pitches.  Unlikely hitters  with unlikely names continue to put up unlikely batting  averages and homerun numbers , e.g. the Giants with  one bonafide star hitter, managed to put four players in the Top 11 League Leading hitters this week-players with more homers than they’ve ever had before this early in a season. Time to get serious MLB and finally stop the nonsense.


what PED did those hall of famers use


-An Old School Baseball Fan Who  Fondly Remembers the Golden Age of Baseball   when there were no asterisks in baseball, other than that of Roger Maris (and a few related)  for the lengthened number of games in which he hit his 61 homeruns in 1961 (162 games) as compared to Babe Ruth’s previous season homerun mark of 60 (154 games) , and especially feeling bad for the Hank Aarons, Willie Mays’, Frank Robinsons and Harmon Killebrews who are quickly dropping down the list with the continued number of new, unlikely entrants into All-Time Leader Lists


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EDITORIAL – DeflateGate  Minor Stuff Compared to Steroids in Baseball