San Francisco Giants Blanked from EXEC of Year , MVP Voting

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How giants won their 3rd...

 #SFGiants Perhaps First World Series Winner

Blanked from  Individual Honors – and even

Runners Up

Usually when a team wins a world series – let alone three in five years, other teams start gunning for its front office people. As one example, the Dodgers just acquired the American Wild Card Champion Oakland A’s assistant GM Farhan Zaidi and also had acquired another former assistant, Paul DePodesta some years back. The Dodgers even went after arch-rival  San Francisco Giants’ Ned Coletti a few years back before the Giants had won the brass ring.


But now, the Giants have won three World Series in five years and , according to MLB TV, nobody has even had conversations with Giants assistant GM Billy Evans, or anyone else for that matter, including hitting coach Hensley Muelins.



Furthermore, the Giants aren’t winning any MVP or top individual honors – not even in the running.

Giants GM Brian Sabean didn’t receive a single vote in the balloting for Baseball Executive of the year, won by Baltimore Oriole’s Dan Duquette, with nine votes out of the 33 voted on by the other baseball GMs and assistant GMs. Other familiar names like Billy Beane received votes (four) among the , yet the GM for the team that won it all received none. Even that the voting was held during the season shouldn’t matter as other top contending teams’ GMs all ranked high, including those of the Royals, Oakland A’s and Nationals.



(Voting by AL and NL GMs and assistant GMs)

Dan Duquette, Orioles-9
Dayton Moore, Royals-8
Jerry Dipoto, Angels-5
Billy Beane, A’s-4
Mike Rizzo, Nationals-3
Brian Cashman, Yankees-1
Jack Zduriencik, Mariners-1
Doug Melvin, Brewers-1
Ned Colletti, Dodgers-1







To add insult to injury, the #SFGiants Ace Pitcher, Madison Bumgarner – who blew away everyone during the playoffs and World Series – didn’t even make the Top Three when it came to Cy Young ballotting.  The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw was the runaway winner with a unanimous first place vote, while the Reds’ Johnny Cueto finished second in the balloting and the Cards’ Adam Wainwright  was third.  Neither did the Giants come close in the MVP vote, with Kershaw winning again, followed by Pittsburg’s McCutcheon and Florida’s Stanton.


May be a surprise to some, but the fact of the matter is that Bumgarner wasn’t even in the TOP 20 ERAs during the regular season, which the award is based on – and rightly so, in our opinion. Cueto finished in fourth place for the season and Wainwright  in fifth, with ,  Kershaw in the top spot, no surprise. Yet, Bumgarner was a distant 21st, as shown below. Go figure for a guy who was a world beater in the World Series and playoffs.


2014  reg season pitcher ranking


The Giants were pretty much blanked from all individual honors except for manager Bruce Bochy , who did come in third in the voting for Manger of the Year behind the Nationals’ Matt Williams and Pirates’ Clint Hurdle.


We like that the voting is based on the season performance.  The Giants, you’ll remember, only had player picked for the 2014 All Star Team, Bumgarner; Tim Hudson was added to replace another team’s injured pitcher. If the voting were based on the post season, you’d have the Giants and their unlikely post season numbers running away with awards…. Sandoval and Pence in hitting, Panik for Rookie, Bumgarner for pitching.


However, it’s highly unusual to see a World Series winner with nobody other than the manager in the top three balloting for these various season honors. Again, it brings up the question of just how the Giants seem to accomplish their post season achievement coming into the playoffs  with one above-.500 pitcher (Bumgarner) and one above .300 full-season hitter (Posey).  The fact that the Giants stop striking out during the playoffs and World Series is tied into this.


Going back to Sabean and his lack of recognition may be no mystery.  Sabean, who failed miserably in the past with free agent signings, has gone to finding other teams’  ‘rejects’ who -somewhat mysteriously- come to the Giants only to see sudden success, particularly late season. Think Ross, Huff, Torres in 2010, Scutaro and Cabrera (early season) in 2012 and Peavy (and rookie Panik) in 2014


Add up all these and, again, you have to ask yourself once more  about this Giants team and how a basically average team sneaks into the playoffs only to play far above it’s head three times running…without REAL star power over the course of the seasons.