Is Tom Brady New Scapegoat for Other NFL, Societal Ills? Worse than PEDs in Baseball?

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  patriots2 Brady’s Punishment Seems Excessive With Much Worse Crimes Less Punished

Did race play a part in the NFL’s 4 game sunspension of New England
Patriot quarterback Tom Brady, accused of being involved in
deflating footballs to his advantage in the 2014 NFL Playoffs?
Did politics also play a part? How did coach Bill Belichick skate free when he was the man in charge?


Why is it that in baseball, mostly hispanic players and certain
teams continually get away with using game-changing Performance
Enhancing Drugs with little said or done about it?


We’ve watched PED-indicted Nelson Cruz continue to put up unlikely, popeye-like power numbers year after year. Instead of questioning these numbers,
MLB does nothing and teams continue to go after known tainted players
and win championships. Most league championship teams have had at least
one KNOWN PED player on the team (and many suspected ones); in the case
of the San Francisco Giants, they’ve won their first three World Series
in 60 years with at least one KNOWN PED user each year, without whom
they would probably not have won any of those World Series- or even
gotten into the playoffs, it is our belief

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It is our belief that Brady knew at least something about the deflated
balls ahead of time, but so did other quarterbacks who have been known
to request different pressures of air in their footballs.  And, especially with New England and Bill Belichik’s track record you ‘d have to think he KNEW about it, too, but yet with this poorly-handled NFL ‘investigation’ all the negative stuff was put on Brady, of all people.



You see,
in football, the NFL is lax in letting teams handle preparation
of the footballs, UNLIKE in baseball where umpires ‘rub up’ and
bring out the footballs. Perhaps the first thing the NFL should have
done, long ago, is prepare the balls and this could have never
happened. Not to excuse Brady, but the NFL contributed to the problem.
New England has had other more serious problems, such as ‘spygate’, too,
and should be condemned for all these actions, especially the latter,
as it affected games. It’s unlikely the air pressure had so much
to do with the outcome of the Patriots-Indianapolis game in question,
based on the fact that the Patriots still outperformed the opponent
in the second half when the NFL supposedly prepared and brought out
the balls. With a lopsided score, the Patriots would have likely
still won the game.


We’ve also seen the NFL perhaps overly-scrutinized for
domestic violence. Again, not to defend it, but such actions
occur in regular society along similar proportions as we’ve seen
in the NFL. In baseball, there’s also domestic violence but
it’s usually ignored or swept under the rug, such asgj Pablo Sandoval’s
alleged rape of a woman in Santa Cruz during his recuperation in 2012
or Giants’ pitcher Chad Goudin’s molestation of a woman on a hospital
gurney in 2014, just to name two examples. Formerly America’s sport,
baseball no longer has the cache’ it once had in the 50s and 60s and,
especially, in the heavily liberal, big city markets – especially
those like San Francisco – broken rules and laws are easily ignored,
especially by hometown fans as well as hometown sportswriters.
Giants fans rarely even boo their own players, even if they deserve
it.  Giants management is all about appearances, putting on a good external showing but with a little investigating we see a lot of looking the other way (23 indicted PED users under current ownership ) while ‘winning’ at all costs and numerous loyal ‘family’ members thrown under the bus. Barry Bonds, who really took Steroids and PEDs to a new level, only getting caught many years after the fact thanks to a couple brave reporters, remains a hero in San Francisco, just removed from his remaining court indictment and having Just received  Bay Area Hall of Fame Induction (perhaps now paving the way for the REAL Hall of Fame induction). Baseball remains popular at the local level, where indicted players are warmly accepted, especially in liberal cities like SF, Seattle and Boston.



But, with a white super star – and a conservative-leaning one at that,
perhaps it’s a good time to take Brady down, it may be said. Despite the fact,
he’s been mostly a model player good for the game, given this incident
that has yet to be fully proven it’s enough for the media to alreay call for
Brady’s head.



But, when you’ve got certain players and teams out-and-out,
repeatedly cheating
in other sports, namely baseball,
where it’s affecting outcomes of games, one has
to wonder about the contradiction.


Whether a minority quarterback would have been given similar
negative press treatment is up for question. We saw longer
suspensions for Michael Vik and Ray Rice – but that was for KILLING,
not underinflating a football (and Brady wasn’t even the one who
did the under-inflating,albeit likely knowing about it).

So, in a league where most players are black and sports writers
and fans left-leaning, a liberal bias – i.e. race and politics –
could have something
to do with the heavy handed treatment of Brady.
In a society that questions policemen’s every move and disregards
the fact that 50 times more blacks (5,000+) are killed by other blacks
than by policemen (100) on average each year one has to also bring
into question the likely heavy-handed treatment of Brady, by
Don’t get us wrong. We don’t necessarily disagree with the penalty
meeted out to Brady – as well as the $1 million fine and
cancellation of two draft picks for the Patriots.It’s just the
inconsistency we see across the board, whether it be baseball
or policemen . It’s as though there’s a new agenda being mapped
out in society today and it seems without empirical rationale.
What happened to the court system or even-handed arbitors?
It appears the societal divide, fueled by race and politics, is
growing ever wider and Tom Brady may be the latest to have
gotten caught up in it. What happened to REAL, unbiased investigations and good, old unbiased courts and verdicts that seemed to be working better even 50 years ago  than it is now?