Kaepernick: FREE Speech Turned Upside Down – Team’s Acceptance Gives ‘License’ to Others

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Kaepernick: FREE Speech Turned Upside Down – Team’s Acceptance Gives ‘License’ to Others



Free Speech rights apply to one’s ability to speak out in public. But, when one  works for a company,  – or, sports team, in this case, where he just happens to be making $19 million – he has the obligation to follow the ‘program’ of that private company he works for, i.e. in this case  the San Francisco 49ers. If he doesn’t like the  ‘program’  in question he doesn’t have to work for that company just as the company doesn’t have to maintain him if he isn’t doing his job/abiding by team ‘play.’   Colin Kaepernick has a right to his public opinion but if it affects his team and it’s play (and ultimately it’s ‘bottom line’) the company has every right to terminate a guy like Kaepernick if he doesn’t agree to change his ways.

The San Francisco 49ers are probably afraid to do anything to Kaepernick. It’s not even like he’s been performing well, either.  Kaepernick  only recently , following a downturn in his play, started sitting down during the national anthem played before games.  Some say it’s been since he was radicalized by a new girlfriend.  In any case,  he’s gaining acceptance by the media, that tends to accept such liberal issues right or wrong.  And, now,  his actions are affecting  other teams and their players who are beginning to ‘join the frey.’  Meanwhile , the actual game of football is becoming secondary to the politics of it all. Imagine, now, if the 49ers decided to cut Kaepernick at this relatively late date. There’d be furor in San Francisco and the media if not the nation.

It’s reminiscent of the days of Barry Bonds, another San Francisco player but on the Giants baseball team. Now Bonds  happened to be a good player, due in part to steroids (but that’s a separate issue.)  Like Kaepernick, Bonds was a polarizing figure, with a surly attitude worse than that of Kaepernick. Probably because he brought in fans and dollars he was not only tolerated by the Giants in liberal San Francisco but , in effect, ran the team.  Bonds was the only player given a double locker with a recliner and allowed his personal trainers to come into the locker room.  Not surprisingly,  During Bonds 15 years with the Giants he forced out , not surprisingly, the regular team trainer as well as a popular manager,   broadcaster and even a team owner plus a lot of players.


As a result of the 49ers team acceptance of Kaepernick’s ways, he  will likely control the ‘asylum’ much like Barry Bonds did the Giants.  By accepting Kaepernick’s actions the 49ers are legitimizing Colin’s  belief that blacks are oppressed, particularly at the hands of the police.   We don’t feel that Kaepernick is a bad person, just mis-guided  in  his ideology .  Many     young  people go through similar periods early in life, but they’re not usually afforded the power to affect society and turn it on it’s head.

Now, not only are the San Francisco 49ers affected but the entire country is affected.  Kaepernick is taking advantage of his position and the team is allowing it.  We’re already seeing the results  with more racial division in society as a result, despite the fact that  police involved in  all major ‘scandals’ have been exonerated.  Now, we’re seeing more damage done to society via largely bogus groups like Black Lives Matter, of which Kaepernick is a sympathizer.   What will be next?  With Bonds, he opened the floodgates for the acceptance of PEDs (performancing enhancing drugs) in baseball and sports and , the subsequent  widespread use of the drugs in baseball, which continues today, some two decades later (over 50  players have already been indicted  in major and minor league baseball this year, up from  previous years).  The Giants would go on to win their first three World Series in 56 years due largely to their league-leading use of PEDs (six known PED users  who  propelled their 2010,2012 and 2014 World Series teams.  Now, other teams have learned the tricks and the Giants aren’t doing so well in 2016 with other teams evening the score – a very sad situation where true baseball fans are forced to guess who’s legit and who’s not – hard to take the game seriously. (See MORE GIANT SHADOWS:  How The Giants Really Won Thier First World Series in 56 Years



Take the case of one outspoken pundit, Paul Feinbaum,  who has been ‘beaten into the ground’  by ESPN and the media for speaking his mind against Kaepernick. Here’s a man who was so pressured he reversed his stance against Kaepernick. So much for FREE  Speech.

This same pressure can go so far as to affect the upcoming election. It’s interesting that this situation has come out just prior to the election and has stirred up more political debate. Never before have sports so permeated the mainstream  news.  We saw it recently  in the Olympics scandals and now this; sports itself has taken a back seat to the politics.

So, that’s what can happen when so-called FREE Speech runs amok.  In different times and different cities than a liberal San Francisco you wouldn’t see this happen.  Kaepernick would be spoken to early on, before the media picked up on him sitting out the pledge (it took three weeks until     they noticed).  Had the 49ers stepped right in and tried to calm the situation earlier, they and society could have avoided this whole mess which may set our country back years.

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