How Do Lackluster SF Giants Keep Winning in Post-Season with Bumgarner ‘One Man Wrecking Crew’ ? #Steroids

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How Is Bumgarner ‘One Man Wrecking Crew’ Enough for Lackluster Giants To Keep Winning In Post-Season #steroids

         ‘He (Madison Bumgarner)  has now pitched in eight postseason road games. The Giants have won all eight of them. He has worked 53⅔ innings in those eight games. The opposition has scored a total of three earned runs. And he has faced 24 hitters with runners in scoring position in those postseason road games. The next hit he allows will be his first. Yeah, really.’ -Jason Stark , ESPN commentary 10-6-16  This after Bumgarner  could barely win a  game the second half with a near 5.00 ERA


The Giants can’t be called anything but lackluster – at least during the regular season – where they finished  (2016) with the worst record (20-35) in the National League since the All Star Game.  Without a pitcher winning more than 17 games or a hitter with more than 17 home runs, the Giants were devoid of star power, until you come to the post-season, once again, where Bumgarner again seems ready to perform 1,000% better than during the regular season !  Not 100% better but 1,000% percent mind you – and a better performance than anyone in history of the post-season! (He had a near 5.00 ERA the second half, too)


Even in basketball, with only five players on the court at a time, it’s unlikely  that one dominant player can ‘make’ a team.’  In baseball it’s even less,  with nine players necessary to field a team  plus later relief – but when the Giants seem to play in the post-season there’s no need for relief. One in three games Madison Bumgarner is the starter – and in the other two games has been the main reliever in recent playoff history. When it comes to hitting, he’s  right there with the other hittings, sometimes even called on as a pinch hitter, extremely rare for a pitcher.


Bumgarner has been working his ‘magic’ now not just for one game or series but for three successive Giants playoff series in which he’s won every decision (10 of 10) with an unheard – of record setting 0.29 ERA through 2014 (and lower now with his shutout performance against New York in the 2016 Wild Card playoff.  THAT’S A  1,000% IMPROVEMENT BETWEEN THE PLAYOFFSThis is the same Bugarner who had struggled-yes, struggled the second of 2016 with a near 5.00 ERA in which some of the least-likely teams such as San Diego were hitting him hard.  Now, again, he’s beating the best teams in the playoffs going on four years!  ‘Splain that one Lucy.

Bumgarner/Giants Pitchers Improve Markedly During Post Season


bumgarner stats

Instead of going down with age , Bumgarner’s pitching velocity confounded experts as it kept climbing from 2013-2015 until  he suddenly changed, in 2016, from a fastball pitcher to a ‘cutter’ pitcher; with the probable benefit of PEDs, Bumgarner would break his own and Giants strikeout record, despite lowering his velocity several points during the year, from an average approximately 92 to 90 mph. Unlike most players, Bumgarner would get better as the season went along, climaxing in the post-season


‘BUMGARNER EFFECT’  – Super  Human or Something Else Going On?

Bumgarner credits his success to the Giants ‘clubhouse,’ as in unified.   Last time we checked clubhouses didn’t pitch or hit for average.  In the one-game wild card anything can happen but in a five game, or , especially, seven game series there’s no reason why one team would be more ‘designed’ to win  than another.  But, even in the one-game series with the Mets we saw a bit of the ‘Bumgarner  Effect,’ with Bumgarner breezing by not just for six innings like his comparable counterpart, Noah Syndergaard but eight innings – and he could and probably would have gone on longer if the Giants hadn’t gotten that unlikely three-run  (homer) lead, thanks to one Conor  ‘Who He?’ Gillaspie.

If Gillaspie hadn’t hit the homer some other Giant – or Bumgarner himself – would have gotten the game winning hit, while Bumgarner continued  to effortlessly (it seemed) sailing through nine, ten, 12 (?) innings.


pitching stats REGULAR SEASON


How did Giants come into 2014 Playoffs with Worst Pitching and go out with Second Best



            With Bumgarner personally responsible for pitching  effectively nearly half of all Giants innings as starter and reliever in post-season (as he did in 2014 and will probably do again since the Giants relief has been so weak this year) ,  it only takes minimal hitting from anybody to secure Giant wins. And while Giants very average regulars don’t hit much , it’s often the ‘gray market’ players like Gillaspie, this year, that become a major factor in Giant wins.  We’ve seen at least one guy come in every year to play well above his lifetime average; in 2010 it was Cody Ross hitting eight homers the last month, in 2012 it was Marco Scutaro coming over from Colorado only to suddenly raise his average 100 points with the Giants wile sparking many wins,  in 2014 Travis Ishikawa hitting a big, surprise, homerun to win a game and more, and now, it looks like Gillaspie will be Mr. 2016 – but it could be anyone. The Giants, as a whole , tend to somehow raise their collective average in the playoffs against better competition.


So, year after year, we’ve seen  10 teams with high paid superstars on other teams lose to a very average Giants team that has snuck into the playoffs via the Wild Card now three of the four years, yet we’ve seen the Giants no-power,  slap hitters come back 10 successive playoff series   since 2010  to beat better teams (on paper or otherwise. )  It’s unreal and could continue until someone realizes there’s something else going on to allow probably the worst of all playoff teams , in reality, to go on to win time and again.  They say the Giants are lucky or it’s because they don’t strike out. But, how is it, these players on an average don’t strike out?



‘GIANT COCKROACHES’ : Melky and Guillen were indicted PED users; other fellow KC/Giants ‘cockroach’ suspects


PED Past – Six PED Players During Giants’ World Series Years

            Since Bonds, the Giants ‘clubhouse’ has Bumgarner  refers to it has had an  interesting culture – a culture featuring more players with PED histories than any other team.  You may remember that the Giants had a nucleus of them with Bonds (i.e. Benito Santiago, Matt Williams, Rich Aurelia, Marvin Bernard, etc.) during their World Series (2002) Era  of the early 2000’s. Since then the Giants have featured  27 KNOWN   players who have used PEDs including six KNOWN ones who were instrumental in helping the Giants to their first three world series in 56 years -namely Andres Torres(2010), Melky Cabrera (2012) ,  Guillermo Moto(2011,2012) , Jose Guillen (2010), Miguel Tejada,  Michael Morse (2014). Then there were many other suspects who displayed greatly elevated numbers after coming to the Giants and even performing in the playoffs versus the regular season.



Giants ad at least two KNOWN players with PED histories on each of their World Series teams 2010,2012,2014 and 27 total since Bonds – more than any other team, by far


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FREE E-book Excerpt : BRUCE BOCHY ’30 Years Behind The Shadows of PEDs For more details please see ‘More Giants Shadows.’  Two brave SF Chronicle writers wrote a book ‘Game of Shadows’in 2007, finally exposing the San Francisco Giants’ new  homerun king, Barry Bonds-who never hit more than 36 homers before coming to the Giants ; those writers of the book were effectively run out of town by Giant sycophants in liberal San Francisco where anything goes and Barry Bonds remains a hero . Then there was the Mitchell Report that may have, temporarily, curtailed the cartoonish homer totals. But, Performance Enhancing Drugs have never gone away.  Players have just adapted to weak MLB drug testing; just as Bond’s PED guru, Victor Conte, who has repeated frequently that players must be ‘dumb or dumber’ to get caught. Even with tighter, more frequent testing players are now hitting more homeruns this year than in recent memory ( about 20 players have more than 30 homeruns with virtually every team having at least one – except the Giants).  Note that the Giants, despite Bonds showing  he could hit homers anywhere, the Giants have the second fewest number of homeruns, for which there may be several reasons; the Giants have tried to steer clear of their past PED reputation while going more for average and pitching (despite having regular season pitching problems this year). But, all  problems seem to disappear in October when the Giants appear to become a different team.


So, after that brief hiatus following the Mitchell Reports, and, perhaps, Biogenesis bust  afew years later, PEDs  continue. Anybody ‘non-dumb or dummer’ can easily detect any number of such players, including ones who have been busted and still playing while putting up virtually as good numbers  when they were indicted (e.g. Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Johnny Peralta). Then there are others who may not have been officially indicted but their numbers are too cartoonish to overlook (e.g.  David Ortiz, who is the only player since Bonds to hit over 35 homers and .300 after the age of 40).  Meanwhile, the Giants – 20 years since Bonds came on the scene in San Francisco – have perfected the art and science of PEDs in the land of Bonds and Balco – knowing what and when to use; only Melky Cabrera has been caught while playing for the team, proving ‘dumb or dumber’ with his lame ‘website’ excuse.   Just with the named players, the Giants got enough production to get them into the post-season – and we know what happens from there.


And, the beat goes on, with baseball in fairly good shape -not raising   but not losing attendance with    the commissioner Rob Manfred appearing content, like his predecessor, that the game has been ‘cleaned up,’  despite more PED busts from MLB drug testing this year (12) than in any other one year (the Biogenesis and Mitchell Report years don’t count as those named players were only caught for other reasons than regular MLB drug tests.) Without continued PEDs we believe the Giants would still be waiting for their first World Series in over 60 years much like the Cubs (108 years).  Now,  thanks to what Bonds and the Giants popularized, other teams are being infected by the Giant Cockroach -as some Giants and former Giants refer to themselves – but the Giants remain so far out ahead of the ‘Game’ who knows how long the Giants will Keep Winning When It Counts – until REAL , old school baseball fans wake up  and do something about it.  Meanwhile, baseball will continue, living largely off a new generation that has only known PED baseball.  Gone are the Golden Years of Baseball when baseball was the number one sport; hard to ruin a great game though the Giants have made a good try.  Perhaps nobody cares anymore in a changing culture, led by liberal towns and politics as in San Francisco.




Just a sampling from 2014 showing pitchers records before and after coming to Giants




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