Latest Player Poll Indicates PED Use Still Widespread in Baseball

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23 INDICTEDLatest Player Poll Indicates PED Use Still Widespread in Baseball


Despite what  Major League Baseball will tell you, that performance enhancing drug use in baseball has all but been eradicated, a recent poll of 143 MLB players will tell you quite the contrary.


In an anonymous poll for ESPN the Magazine, 143 MLB players shared their opinions on a wide range of baseball topics, including PED use, as reported by By  of SB Nation on Mar 24, 2014

Regarding the percentage of players who are currently using PEDs in MLB, the 143 players polled estimated that 9.4% of current players in MLB are taking some type of PED.

ESPN quoted three anonymous players on the topic of steroid usage, with one AL All-Star estimating that the percentage of players using PEDs is “close to zero.”

“The awareness has gotten better each year,” the player said. “Players realize they’re not going to get away with it. The system has worked, and the players who were on the fence aren’t doing it.”

Two other quoted players were less sure and optimistic about the prevalence of steroid use in baseball, however.

“I think the number is probably about 10%,” guessed one AL player, “but that’s not counting Adderall as a PED. If you included guys who are using Adderall, wow, that number would be through the roof.”

Last season, both Carlos Ruiz and Miguel Tejada were suspended for taking Adderall, with Tejada earning an 105-game ban for failing multiple tests. Ruiz received an exemption from MLB in February that will allow him to use Adderall in 2014.  In fact, MLB actually came out  last year to admit that  they have given exemptions to almost 10% of players, allowing them to use Adderall, a steroid for normally treating ADD (attention deficit disorder). You may remember it’s most famous user, Andres Torrez of the San Francisco Giants who turned his career around with one epic season, in 2010, propelling the Giants to their first World Series in 50 years.

Another player felt PED usage was a bit more widespread, telling ESPN:

Twenty percent. Higher for sure than the number of ones that got caught. Those guys only got caught last year because an employee leaked all the records, otherwise they would have gotten away with it. Look at Ryan Braun. He was on one of the most complex doping regimens there is, so just take that and you know there have to be more.

From MLB’s admittance, we know at least 10% of baseball is using PEDs in the form of Adderall. Conservatively speaking at least another 10% is using one form or another of the many other types of PEDs, be it undetectable designer testosterone, HGH (human growth hormones)  or other steroids.  Outward signs may be difficult to spot in PED users, today, however , past usage has included development of a bigger gut, hair loss, unusual muscle development,  personality mood swings, hyperactivity or depression. Not to say these always manifest themselves today as they did, say, when Barry Bonds was using and showed virtually all the above outward indicators of PED use.  You also saw the hyperactivity  in the recent  the New York Mets’ Mejia, who was recently suspended for 80 games for PED using , up from 50 games.


     We’ve recently started seeing  a rash of mostly nagging smaller , repeat injuries to teams like the Giants, one of the most well-known teams for past PED use having had 23 indicted players in the past.  Since last year Giants players,many of them known past PED users like Michael Morse developing a back issue.  Back issues have also sidelined Angel Pagan and other Giants including Marco Scutaro, a player who suddenly went from.265 to .350 batting average after coming to and also helping the Giants  win a second World Series in 2012. And, this year,  it’s Brandon Belt and now Casey McGee with nagging injuries . It’s known in medical journals that steroids can ‘attack the back’ muscles.


        We’ve seen the Giants suddenly transform to a better team come playoff time three years in five, running. This year in spring training, the Giants had the worst record in baseball only to bounce back just as the season began with two quick wins against Arizona and an unlikely shotdown game from Lincecum against San Diego.  We know that the new designer steroids allow players to use them on a day to day, or hour to our,  basis.