Byrd 7th PED Player Bust of over 10 This Year-MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN Hat Sale #PEDs

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BASEBALL FUN AGAIN Hat Sale as Baseball Still Struggles with PC, #PEDs

Marlon Byrd was the SEVENTH PED bust in 2016 – there were only five all last year -with the 162 game suspension of two-timer and  last year  #SFGiants   BYRD; we thought it timely to run our ‘MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN ‘ hat sale and thoughts. Since this story was written several months ago there have been at least three more #PEDs busts, by
far the most #steroids indictments from direct MLB drug tests in years, if ever.  (Most previous indictments have been a result not of direct drug testing but as a secondary result of
either the Biogenesis bust or the Mitchell report)

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Recently, a star baseball player came out with a baseball hat like this, based on Donald Trump’s slogan, ‘Make America Great Again.‘ Player in question was tired of all the PC in baseball that has taken away from the Grand Old Game, not to mention the black marks brought on by the ‘S’ and ‘P’ words, which are still prevalent (albeit in hushed tones) 20 years since a not-so-giant made a mockery of baseball and the home run record – and the not-so-giants have continued to lead the parade with over 26 indicted players including 6 during their three World Series years. This year, already, six major leaguers have failed tests, way up from last year, despite tests that have never kept up with the undetectable designer chemistry. Now, it’s not just a slowed-down game but one where you have to guess WHO’S ON WHAT?,if you will- no longer just a matter of Who’s On First. Meanwhile, baseball is no longer the top sport with attendance down since 2010 except in those places like SF where the lie continues strong

Byrd was 7th PED Player Bust This Year-MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN Hat Sale MAKE