Melky Trade Talks Unbelievable But Not Surprising for SF Giants

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   Melky Trade Talks Unbelievable But Not Surprising

for #SF Giants

That the #SFGiants would even consider bringing back twice PED -indicted Melky Cabrera says it all about the team and its uncouth ways that, yes, brought it three world series in five years  but not the way teams used to do it.




With five KNOWN PED users since Andres Torres began with World Series run in 2010 with his ‘legal’ use of Adderall that keyed the Giants to  its first series victory, its no surprise the Giants would continue the trend.  This even after team president Larry Baer went out of his way to say that the Giants would steer away from more past PED users.




The Giants have, in fact, had at least one KNOWN player with PED history EVERY YEAR since 2010, most recently having signed Michael Morse last year.Morse played a key role early last season helping the Giants build an insurmountable lead on which they coasted on the rest of the season into the World Series, when the team went into its usual late season, ‘magical’ performance spike. 



 Remember, Cabrera is the one who put up the phony website trying to excuse his PED indictment midway through 2012.  By then , Cabrera had already put the Giants into first place, almost singlehandedly , with a near-.350 average, this for a lifetime .260 hitter.  With Cabrera handing off the likely PED torch to newcomer and fellow-Venezuelan , 37-year old Marco Scutaro, he who went from .265 at Colorado to an unlikely career- high .350 ,also , after coming to the Giants, the team was all but insured a World Series.


How giants won their 3rd...


By now the average Giants fan has come to accept , believe in  and even support the sudden string of likely performance-enhanced players that come to the Giants.  Think Scutaro, Huff, Ross, and even Sandoval and Bumgarner with their highly improbable, record-setting post season performances in 2010 and 2012 . Nearly the entire team ‘mysteriously’ over-per form late season when most teams drop off in post season against top-caliber teams.



Giants GM Sabean has never been an accomplished deal-maker.  He’s one of the least-respected GMs among other teams (he failed to get a single vote in recent front office person -of-year voting in which more than 30 fellow -administrators voted),  So, Sabean has resorted to whatever it takes, including acquiring marginal castoffs other teams don’t want – including previously-indicted players like Mota, Guillen and Cabrera in reason years. Since it all began with Sabean discovering how effective this process can be since Barry Bonds began the trend, the Giants have seen 23 players indicted for PED use while WITH the Giants. No doubt there’ve been countless others, what with MLB’s weak drug testing, which has caught only a handful of players in the  last two years.




We see a continuing drug culture on the Giants -including a predominance of Latin players, brought up with their own cultural  accepatance of performance enhancing drugs – now 20 years later continuing to drive a team with only one above-.500 starting pitcher and one .300 hitter; Bumgarner was the teams only voted All-Star last year and a 21st -best ERA – until the post season that is.   It’s all detailed elsewhere how the Giants have pulled the wool over the collective ‘blinded’ baseball eyes now three of the last five years and more. How long will it go on. So, don’t be surprised to see Melky back. Fans will still show up and the Giants will likely with more World Series, at least in the  ‘even’ years. 




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Melky Trade Talks Unbelievable But Not Surprising for SF Giants