SF Giants Characters Lacking Good Personalities? Reflective of A Culture?

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bumgarner snot rockets

Madison Bumgarner’s ‘SNOT ROCKETS’ 



Hunter Pence goes on an F-Bomb rant in Giants clubhouse

SF Giants Characters Lacking Real Personalities?


Tim Lincecum Drops f-Bomb on national TV interview



and, of course,there’s the legendary Will Clark. (Clark , by the way, is an ambassador to the Giants , today)





When Bonds Got To the Giants, there were no such discussions like the one above because Bonds ran the insane asylum.Bonds was the Giants multi-million ‘Golden Boy’ who outlasted the managers,   trainer,   owner, announcer and Jeff Kent and a lot of players he didn’t get along with.  Mild-mannered Managers Baker and Bochy would never get into a heated argument like the above with Bonds and upset the Giants PED, er, apple cart.  That’s why  Bonds left Pittsburg – because they didn’t stand for his temperament – and that’s why Baker left the Giants, because the world centered around Bonds in San Francisco – to the point he is still welcomed back to the team to this day (as a coach or guest). How quickly we forget as a similar clubhouse culture persists in San Francisco, albeit without quite the ‘personalities.’




It would never happen locally. It could a national broadcaster , KEITH OBERMANN, to come out against the Giants and Barry Bonds for continuing the tradition of ‘looking the other way’ when it comes to Bonds and PEDs.




Are these players representative of the type of player the SF Giants organization goes after?
We know there have been 25 PED-indicted players, now at least three TV F-bombers and a lot of players
who won’t do interviews – except at the least opportune times with F-bombs, impersonations, whatever included.  Maybe in San Francisco they fit right in, but
only in San Francisco – the most tolerant, ‘PC’ place – a city of contradictions  where ‘anything goes’ for the ‘right price.’


Though the Giants postgame show states ‘player interviews’ you rarely, if ever, hear any.
Other than some paid weekly segments on Giants station, KNBR, by a few of the players like Sergio Romo and Affeldt, you rarely see or hear the Giants players other than at Fanfest or post season celebrations – or when they are paid. Most all other major league teams do player interviews before and/or after games but the Giants do not. Is there a reason for this? Perhaps its what one pundit said about the Giants, ‘a team without personalities.’ Characters maybe on the bizarre side like ‘Snotrocket’Bumgarner but few true blue good guys. Lincecum may not be a bad guy but his history of pot smoking (not to mention the swearing incident on TV) brings him into question; wonder if any of his
outside extra curricular activties had any affect on his early downslide in his career. Then there are the ‘angry’ bunch, always after the umpires: Pagan, Peavy and even Bochy, who at least has some right as manager to protect his players, but perhaps overdoes it at times like the two games in a row he got thrown out in a recent September series against Los Angeles.


Then there are the strange incidents surrounding the Giants, which are usually covered up by the team before they get out to the national media.  Such as the alleged rape by Pablo ‘Panda’ Sandoval of a Santa Cruz woman while Sandoval was recuperating from an injury; the team allegedly paid the woman in question not to talk.  Chad Gaudin, one of the many ‘sudden stars’ who’ve come through these last world series years was involved in ‘the hospital incident,’ allegedly fondling a  woman on a gurney while he was inebriated; likely the Giants dealt with this woman, too, much as they did with the previous case. It wasn’t much later that Gaudin was no longer on the team, although he stay another month or two with continued success until the the Giants and Gaudin parted ways.  Then there have been  other characters like Jose Guillen who spent less than a month on the 2010 world series team; after contributing to the team, he was asked to leave the Giants through MLB after it was discovered that his wife had received a box of steroids in the mail. But the most famous PED incident involved Melky Cabrera, the former platoon player who became the Giants sudden all-starin 2012 before getting suspended for PEDs, after which he concocted a bizarre ‘website’excuse for the PEDs.



You can probably come up with your own Giants characters over the years, dating back. Of course long before PEDs there was the spitball, made most famous by the Giants GAYLORD PERRY in the late ’60s and ’70s. And, even way back in 1951, it was reported that Giants executive Leo Durocher was involved in stealing signs from the stands (this one has to be verified and reported correctly, if true).