Latest Strickland Skirmish – For San Francisco Giants It’s About WINNING At Any Cost

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How the Giants REALLY Won Their First (3) World Series in 56 Years

One last staredown by Giant's pitcher Strickland at Miami's Brinson after latter Brinson got key hit after Strickland hit him earlier in game.

Giant’s pitcher Strickland gets in one last jab as he approaches Miami’s Brinson after  Brinson got key hit following Strickland’s brushback of him  earlier in game.  Controversy and bad vibes seem to follow Strickland and Bumgarner  while Giants appear to take more defensive posture rather than trying to defuse the situations.

SF Giants ‘Holier Than Thou’ Attitude – Latest Strickland Tiff  Brings It Back

GIANTS: Can’t the Other Player / Team Ever Be Right?

The recent series with the Florida Marlins brought to light the San Francisco Giants’ irrational need to always be ‘winners’ whether on or off the field. This also might explain the team’s stubborness in trying to somehow make the current Giants into another even-year playoff team in 2018-despite the fact that they lost the most games in baseball last year- instead of doing   a re-build of  a bunch of good, young players they could have still gotten  for  their fading stars. Next year may be too late.

Whether it’s a brush-up with an excited rookie player (Miami’s Lewis Brinson)  by an established San Francisco  pitcher already with a wayward reputation (Strickland) or  another unprovoked knockdown pitch by same Giant Pitcher against one of the best hitters in baseball, Bryce Harper, last year, or the mere thought of the team’s darling, Buster Posey, being hurt by an opposing player sliding hard into home, these are the kind of incidents that the Giants have been ferociously defending.  For Good or Bad. Bad , we say.



STRICKLAND – 2: They have a relief pitcher who can’t handle his emotions and costs the team by 1) breaking his hand on a locker after blowing a save against Miami June 19 that will cost him 6-8 weeks off duty and could have repercussions to the team. And, it’s not the first time Strickland has had an emotional meltdown, 2) he was suspended last year after ‘going after’ Bryce Harper on the mound; The Giants were ever the same after the incident and finished the season with the worst record in baseball , to which this incident contri bbted.   In both incidents everyone but   the Giants would admit that it was Strickland’s hot head that got him in trouble  – and cost him playing time and probably money.

BUMGARNER – 2: This is nothing new to the Giants.  Another hot head, Madison Bumgarner has been injured good portions of the last two seasons due to his own mistakes : 1) injuring his shoulder in an ALV accident that he had no business being involved it. Then 2, sticking out his pitching hand , without glove, to try to stop a hit ball, braking his finger and costing over a month away. He’s also had his share of animosity shown other players and umpires, including complaining about, seemingly, every other pitch in his recent start against Miami. Current record 0-2, 4. 00+ ERA

Neither Stirkland nor Bumgarner have been world beaters the last couple  years.  A 20th- ranked pitcher in 2014 when they last won the world series, Bumgarner’s only real claim to fame is pitching in the post season where he usually garners under a 1.00 ERA.  Funny how so many of the Giants also perform better in post season, against better competition , than they do in the regular season.

Yet the Giants keep these ner-do -wells around when they could probably pick up some top young players in trade for the two who probably have a bigger downside than upside at this point.

Not only do   situations like these give the Giants a bad reputation – whether they care or not but it could come back to bite – but, worse, it affects the team chemistry and real winning percentage. More on the ‘Brawl’ below.


But there are far more than these two examples of the type of players you will see on the Giants, who we like to call  America’s Sanctuary Team.

Every year, it seems the same old story. Players who are SUPPOSED to perform well don’t while the ‘rejects’ from the bottom of the scrap heap suddenly come to life with the Giants.


2018 Giants Likely Suspects?

2018 Giants Likely Suspects?

2018 Version of the San Francisco Sanctuary Giants


The PANDA, back to try to recreate the ‘magic’ IS somehow(*) performing better and hitting better at age 31 with the Giants with his highest homer rate than with Boston while still in his prime years. At this rate could the player gotten for next to nothing from Boston   replace $10 million man  Longoria full-time? This stuff only happens on the Giants.

Add SANDOVAL to The Giant Character Flaw – The Giants will go back and get the guy who affronted them on his way out to Boston. So they got him for virtually nothing after his three unproductive years at Boston. Now, age 31,Sandoval  is , miraculously(?) , playing better in a half year with the Giants than he could do in three years at Boston when we was  still in  his prime years.  All of a sudden Sandoval can even hit right- handed which $45 million couldn’t teach him in Boston but he can somehow do it in San Francisco  at an advanced (baseball) age.  It’s another case of the Giants not being a great or even good team  in trades and top player acquisitions and going to the ‘dark side’(*PEDs?) to win

Remember Sandoval, the immature kid who got in trouble with a girl in Santa Cruz and nearly went to jail?   The Giants did a good job of covering up the incident just as they did the Chad Gaudin hospital molestation (and many of the local news outlets didn’t even report  as  is their want to give free passes to the home team), just as they do to the local (Democrat) leaders. It would be a different story in other cities like Boston -but in America’s No 1 liberal, sanctuary city, ‘Sanctuary’  Sandoval is allowed to get away with virtually everything , including a likely PED involvement (in our opinion) A player doesn’t just raise an average 50 points and double his homer rate by changing cities. (After all, Boston is a liberal, sanctuary city, too).


GORKYS and HANSEN – The numbers speak for themselves – Two long-time no-names, again, coming to Giants to suddenly AND  inexplicably(?) have career years with the Giants and even out-perform  the big name, big contract players like Longoria, McCutcheon and even Posey. How many times have we heard this story on the Giants – late-career players come off the MLB dust bin to suddenly perform with the Giants against all odds – and maybe even help  to bring the team a World Series(?) .

Gorkys with more homeruns (now 8)  this year, at age 30 -more than all his previous years combined. Ditto Hanson, with more homers in one-fifth the at-bats than in prior years and hitting over 100 points higher! (see below)  Your 2018 San Francisco Sanctuary Giants! 

ALEN HANSON over-worldly numberw with Giants

Move over Gorkys-and Joe Panik? ALEN HANSON – a lifetime .243 hitter, SUDDENLY has a .346 average with 5 homers in only 19 games . It took him over 100 games to hit as many homers in the previous three years and with a much lower batting average.


 – The Giants’ fans reflect their teams’ win-at-all-costs attitude. They will help ‘umpire’ the game , often from their corporate boxes, by repeatedly booing umpire ball and strike calls that go against their team or booing players like Miami’s Brinson, who are caught up   in situations brought on by their own, Giants players .  


 – The Giants are the team that so wanted to sell out every game – even  if they didn’t really – going on five years – only with   smoke and mirrors  and thousands of empty seats at most games. Yet, fans and local media didn’t raise an issue with the Giants silly ‘need’ to say they would have the longest sellout streak  of all time (at least in the national league). 


-Dynamic pricing means a poor schmuck who doesn’t know better can get stuck paying $80 for a game ticket when a guy can come along a few minutes later and get a ticket for half that, just depending. We know some other teams to this but it seems just a bit dishonest, again, it’s all about money and winning at all cost.


– The Giants are the team that turned  up the volume at blistering levels for awhile while THEY were at bat to get the fans going. Finally stopped that.


 – Giants will cover for their favorite players, such as Barry Bonds, even if it means throwing other long time Giants ‘under the bus,’ such as a co-owner, broadcaster and head trainer who didn’t like what was going on (SEE BELOW)

These are just some of the on field and off-field ploys by the Giants


The Giants are always  the ones who are ‘right’ while the other team is wrong.

Even with known culprits like Stickland and Bumgarner, the Giants will fervently stand behind  their men even when they know they’re wrong.

Most recently in the Miami Marlins hit-by-pitch incidents, it was Strickland with his reputation , who got off easy after hitting Brinson – until justice finally caught up with him and Brinson  came back to get a game-winning hit which also caused Stickland’s emotions to explode once again, causing him to break his hand in frustration.  Why can’t the Giants get a normal , capable closer? Oh, they did you say, Melancon,  who has been just another of many Giant trade busts.


 ‘The Giants are dumb ’ 

says one honest local sports reporter, Bryan Murphy , of KNBR and the McCovey Chronicles, where  he writes


They’ve been so dumb and bad over the past 48 hours that they’re making me defend a Marlin.

By Bryan Murphy@McCoveyChron  Jun 20, 2018, 3:30pm PD


‘In a pitcher’s mind, this gives him permission to do whatever he wants to get back at the offending person and that person cannot do anything in response. He just has to take it. Pitchers will say whatever they have to in order to justify this warped philosophy, and their teammates will support them.


Another Giant following the Giant lockstep mantra ‘Our man was right, the other guy was wrong.’

‘Melancon says Brinson ‘disrespected the game’ in exchange with Strickland


“Disrespected the game” is such an emotionally charged statement because it rises to the level of a character attack. Attacking the character of a baseball player because they got a hit is so aggressively weak that it calls into question the integrity of the people who use it, because “disrespected the game” is also a limp cop out for a pitcher’s shitty behavior.


If Hunter Strickland had literally murdered Lewis Brinson with that “purpose pitch”, fans and teammates would’ve defended him. It would’ve been deemed an “unfortunate outcome” in a “tough sport”, but everyone would’ve worked hard to make it clear that Strickland was within the rules of baseball going up and in on a hitter who beat him. How was he supposed to know that there was a defect in Brinson’s helmet?

I never expected the Giants pitchers to think differently from every other pitcher on the planet or in the history of the sport, but I hoped they would at least make the best possible choice available to them: Shut up! No one cares about your situational ethics or baseball moralism that only makes sense in your warped baby minds. A wise man knows to keep his mouth shut.

I get it. The world is a chaotic place and off the field, pitchers are as susceptible to the chaos as we normies. Hunter Strickland needs to work on his anger issues and the Giants bullpen will defend one of their own no matter what. Mark Melancon has been an outspoken member of that bullpen, throwing one unnamed member to the wolves in the offseason and calling out a rookie last night. It’s fair to call into question his leadership and beliefs for being so petty. We all have our own ways of dealing with chaos.

You don’t have to defend everything the players do because they’re on Your Team. It’s okay to dislike some of them. It’ll still be Your Team long after they’re gone. The Giants are dumb for tripling down on blaming Lewis Brinson, and I just thought you should know that. ‘


POSEY RULE  BLOCKING THE PLATE – How Giant Sensitivity Changed Baseball for the Worse

     Interesting hearing Miami baseball announcers during recent series with the Giants (June 18-20) recounting the various altercations  between the Miami Marlins and the Giants.

Especially, the one that caused the game to change dramatically after Miami catcher Daryl Cousins  seriously injured Giants Buster Posey during a collision at  home plate when Cousins blocked the plate as Posey was trying to score.

With any other team, it would have probably been treated as just another injury, but, according to the Miami side of the story (which we don’t get to hear often in San Francisco),  the block at the plate wasn’t nearly as egregious as the Giants made it out to be – eventually causing a rule change forcing catchers to tag runners in the base paths from the the side, taking away  one of the more interesting aspect so the game that had never before caused serious injury  . (Even this time, Posey made a full recovery after several months away from the game). Now, we have lost one of the exciting situations in baseball – when a player tries to score on a bang bang play. Compared to hockey or football, baseball collisions are childs play




The Giants have an unwritten – or maybe written- rule to defend their teammates at all cost, whether right or wrong.  It’s  the same ‘cult’ mentality we’re seeing in politics today that is dividing the nation with particularly one side in lockstep on issues, regardless of right or wrong. You can figure which side is especially acting in unison, regardless of the issue or culpability .


Gregor Blanco, another World Series Giant past his prime -but never too old to perform(*) now back with the team and great , supportive friend of Melky


Even during the Steroid Era (which some, like us, say is still with us), the Giants would defend their own, or, say nothing when one of their guys was caught. Gregor Blanco went so far as to say that

‘everyone on the team looks up to him (Cabrera)’ even after the incident. The initial plan was to keep Melky on the team for all he had done the first half of 2012 – steroids be damned – until MLB put pressusre on the Giants not to resign him after his noted ‘website ‘ excuse.

Steroids have been a bid part of the Giants. They worked so well for Andres Torres (Adderall) in 2010 that Aubrey Huff parlayed them into a comeback season in 2012, until the side affects caught up with him- but only after he helped propel the Giants to another World Series.

And, by the way, even today –after Giants owner Larry Baer- promised to steer away from acquired PEDed players – we see here-to-fore ‘no names’ like Gorkys and Alen Hanson suddenly playing like nobody’s business, ala  Cody Ross, Marco Scutaro and others brought in during late career moves when players are sometimes desperate to revive t heir careers at any expense – especially with the liberal, willing Giants.  Even Sandoval is back at it with the Giants – doing here and now at an advance age what he couldn’t do for $45 mllion with Boston! Ha!  Boston should do a little investigation if they cared about money and the near freebie- they handed to the Giants.



  An owner, a broadcaster and a head trainer all (quiety) left the Giants instead of putting up with the team’s stubborn ‘do it our way or else ‘ mindset. Of course many players are gone because they didn’t accept the party line.  (Remember Brian Wilson and Jeff Kent, until money , or something, finally got them back to make the team look good.


Former Giants co-owner BILL NEWCOMB who found himself out of a job for not getting along with Larry Baer

Former Giants co-owner BILL NEWCOMB who found himself out of a job for not getting along with Larry Baer

Bill Newcomb was the man probably most responsible for setting the table for the Giants first World Series in 56 years. Of course, he may not have planned it the way it happened , built on Bonds, BALCO  and funny baseball. We never did get the full story – as the Giants are known to try to keep it this way – but one day somewhere around 2010 Newcomb was no longer with the Giants. Same happened to a lesser extent with Peter McGowan so now King Larry Baer  has no real competition.





HANK GREENWALD- Most humorous and Perhaps best Giants announcer since Hodges-Simmons leaves team after dispute with Larry Baer

HANK GREENWALD- Most humorous and Perhaps best Giants announcer since Hodges-Simmons left team after dispute with Larry Baer

Hank Greenwald may have been the best Giants broadcaster – at least since Hodges and Simmons – but there came a time he had had enough bowing down to Baer, Bonds and BALCO and he was gone from the Giants. We all knew the Steinbrenners were hard to work for, but after Greenwald them them and New York who would have thought he’d have a similar situation – or so it would appear – in his then hometown of San Francisco.





STANCONTE – How much can a guy take? Finally, left Giants, for the Dodgers, no less, after tiring of having to put up with Bonds shenanigans

Stan Conte was the long time trainer for the Giants mostly during the Bonds era. Imagine what it must have been like to close your eyes and look away from  certain proceedings when Bonds entered the clubhouse and training room with his personal trainer. Not only did Bonds have his own personal trainer but he had HIS WAY with the Giants. No way would Conte have any say as to any nefarious Bonds actions he must have witnessed along with the resulting Herculean, unlikely numbers Bonds would put up as a Giant – far better ones in his thirties than he did with Pittsburgh in his twenties. Hmm again.





Players such a Brian Wilson . We don’t hear much when the Giants part ways with certain  players – Remember Chad Gaudin, who actually performed well (!) before his mis-deeds, which the Giants tried to cover up –  but there are more than you know. Of course, the Giants try to ‘buy off’ such players with with rings or awards, etc.  so as not to tarnish the Giants ‘gold ‘ reputation. That’s why we’ll  probably never know exactly what happened with the above mentioned, we have a pretty good idea.

One of those things – or three of them – we’ll probably never know for fear of saying anything negative against the ‘beloved’ Giants


San Francisco Giants – Baseball’s Misguided, Patchwork ‘Sanctuary’ Team Could Win It Again in 2018