Does SF Giants’ Player (Pence) Live Profane Rant Call for Apology?

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First off, San Francisco Giants’ Hunter Pence knew or should have known the cameras were around on this celebratory night when about 20 seconds of his profane-laden rant  went live over Comcast Sports TV in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Second, Comcast sports should have a 7 second delay button as they do on radio.

Third , maybe in San Francisco where anything goes most people don’t care about profanity but there are still some people, especially  those with young  kids. It’s funny that most of the commenters here don’t think it’s any big deal what Hunter said . So then , why do the Giants try to insulate themselves so much from any negative media coverage such as the Romo-Dunston skirmish the other night that resulted in the team boycotting long time beat writer Andrew Baggerly?  >>> MORE GIANTS HYPOCRISY


Fourth, if their was an apology from Pence and the Giants we haven’t heard it -other than the half hearted one from Kuiper.  The Giants seem more keen on keeping  news like this – much like the Romo-Dunston  row the other night – away from the press and public so they don’t HAVE to apologize.


Hunter Pence drops several F-bombs on live TV during postgame speech

David Brown

By September 26, 2014 4:25 AMBig League Stew

The champagne corks were starting to pop, and the F-bombs were just about to drop.

Hunter Pence gathered his teammates in the home clubhouse at AT&T Park to congratulate them on winning a wild card spot. The San Francisco Giants were heading back to the playoffs in 2014.

Correction: “The [FLIPPING] playoffs.”

In an emotional speech that was inadvisedly but amusingly aired on live TV by CSN Bay Area, Pence dropped at least eight audible F-bombs, along with a [SHOOT], before producers cut away to game broadcasters Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. Eight F-bombs from the man who wears No. 8. Seems about right. It wasn’t intended for the public, though you can hear someone (perhaps a coach) yell, “Language!” as Pence is beginning. He knew what was coming.

Further, @LOLKNBR on Twitter scribbled down a transcription of what CSNBA broadcast of Pence’s speech. Here’s a redacted version:







Knute Rocke would not care for it, probably, but they’re already selling T-shirts. Kuiper half-heartedly apologized for the raw language (“We didn’t say it!”) though it wasn’t anything overwhelming for the Giants young players, according to reports:



Pence is known for giving rousing speeches — like in 2012 when the Giants faced elimination six times in the playoffs — though not all of them use so many cuss words. Maybe he’s running out of things to say. It’s still funny — though it remains to be seen how effective.