Strangest Replay Game – Reds Wait ‘Too Long,’ Umps Leave, Cards ‘Steal’ Much Needed Win

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Reds manager Bryan Price adds his interesting ‘take’ which adds fuel to the fire.Perhaps there’s no clear cut answer. What do you think?


Did Reds Really Wait Too Long to Request Replay?  Umps Gone, Cards Get Much Needed Win

ONE FOR THE AGES – Even with all it’s problems, What makes baseball the special game it is are true ‘tales’ like this one, which will probably be re-told for many years to come.

On September 29, 2016, trailing one game for the final wild card spot,  The St.Louis Cardinals stole a much needed game after the Cincinnati Reds ‘waited too long’ to ask for a replay of an obvious (to those close to the action)  would-be Cards ground-rule double that the umps  missed. By the time Reds manager Price came out to ask for the replay the umpires had already left the field! Teams are given up to 30 seconds to ask for a replay . Had Price come out 10 seconds earlier a replay would have likely determined the last Cards hit to be a ground rule double,  which would have kept the scored tied with the runners on second and third and two out! Instead, the Cards win the game and keep their playoff hopes alive. But wait! Hearing Price’s own explanation in the video, above, gives pause to re-consider and even question the replay ruling due to distance and visibility circumstances. What do you think?


Should the Cards go on to make the playoffs they can look back at this game and thank the newish instant replay system and Cincinatti’s not-so-obvious mistake. We say ‘not so obvious’ because had this happened during the middle of a game the umpires wouldn’t have been able to leave the field  and would have likely accepted a replay request even if it was a little late in coming. But, because the umps were already off the field probably is why the request was denied – and another piece of baseball lore is in the books!


Love or hate the Replay, it certainly has given baseball more suspense and intrigue – and now perhaps a season-changing event and very happy manager on one side and unhappy one on the other.

Strangest Replay Game – Reds Wait ‘Too Long,’ Umps Leave, Cards Get Much Needed Win


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