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‘Esplain me Lucy’  how a team,    quite frankly, with only one bonafide playoff-caliber  starter can have a 0.99 ERA through nine consecutive playoff games? Even teams with top flight pitchers ala Detroit and Los Angeles Angels don’t do this – has it ever been done before?       #sfgiants, #playoffs, #peds


We just saw Detroit’s big three of Price, Verlander and Sherzer knocked out of the playoffs  this year as well as the Angel’s solid staff but here come the little Giants with a rag tag group of over-the- hill and unproven young talent suddenly mowing down top hitting teams like Washington and Pittsburg.


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And it’s not the first time they’ve done this in the playoffs and World Series.  Deva vu all over ala 2010 and 2012 against better teams  Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinatti et al – and yet this year’s group is even weaker – on paper –  than those of 2010 and 2012. 



But maybe it’s not ON PAPER that counts. The Giants call their ‘magic’ lightning in a bottle.’ We want to know WHAT’S IN THE BOTTLE?   
On paper, based on the regular season, the
Giant starters are weaker than any of the playoff teams
yet they come on and perform, inexplicably, like THE BEST TEAM.  If it were just one or two games it could be a fluke but not 9 or 10. And,  we’re not talking just 2014.  And, The trend has been going on since the past three alternate years since 2010. The Giants have been, consistenly, the weakest-looking team going in and coming
out the WINNER every time. Though their hitting hasn’t come
around yet against Washington, they crushed Pittsburg in
the first playoff game, but their pitching has been lights
out across the board – again, with a bunch of over-the-hill
guys and no-names going into the series with a .349
seasonal ERA and coming out with around 1.00 as they did
in 2012.



From a hitting perspective, the Giants- while not catching
fire in two games against Washington- have cut down their
strikeouts while battling and putting the ball in play,
which usually ends up with results rather than striking out.
And, it’s with a lot of minor leaguers ( Panik, Duffy
and Susac) , who only had their first real major league
experience in the past couple months. What team before
has gone through the playoffs with three or more rookies.
Then you have Travis Ishikawa, a .250 career bench player
who hasn’t broken .260 since he was-surprise- with the Giants
in 2010 when he hit .266 now, now coming off
his best ever season (.274) at age 30 in the starting lineup too.
The only legit Giants hitter of the bunch is Posey(.310) and perhaps
Pence(.277 regular season). Of course, Sandoval is another story, a guy hitting
.200 left handed for the season, but in the playoffs he goes
crazy (.349 since 210). Hmmmmm.


















We’re not only talking about this year but in 2010 and 2012,
the pitching actually improved for the Giants in the playoffs
and World Series against better calibre opponents! Hitting
also improved for some, though there isn’t quite the sampling
this year with newer players on the team, though we know
about Pablo Sandoval and his three home runs in one game
and 6 in the playoffs (after only hitting that many in the
entire previous 6 months of the season). Players now gone
from the Giants also performed similarly above their
seasonal stats; Cody Ross, in 2010, comes to mind when he
hit 8 homers the last month, which was all HE hit the entire
previous SIX months.



bond-giants WON  world series and all i got was this











We will be quite blunt about it, in explaining away how
such performance increases could happen. Players can and do
go on and off ‘the juice’ at whim. It’s easy to do now
because the stuff (ie designer testosterone) is in your system
only a few hours, so one could take it the morning of a big
game and it’s definitely undetectable hours later; it’s likely
undetectable even during those few hours it’s in one’s system,
as we understand it. But, to be 100% sure, a player
aware of an impending drug test -they’re usually announced
a day or more in advance- can easily plan around such tests.




If there is truly something more than ‘talent’ behind the  Giants’ recent, repeated successes they’ve certainly had a long time – 20 years – to hone their ‘skills’ since Bonds, 23 other indicted PED players -and a lot more likely suspects, as it would appear from number crunching. Some say PEDs  are gone from baseball but we believe quite the opposite.  The Giants may have popularized PEDs and now there’s a likelihood that they permeate many or all of the top-contending teams.  You can find previously indicted players on at least three of the likely four teams going to the finals, including one recent addition for amphetamines – a revived drug of choice good for 25 game suspensions.   And the Giants, true to their history, have one INDICTED 
player on their roster; though he’s currently injured he was able to bring the team a goodly number of homers and game winning hits in the Giants blazing hot  first two months , ala Melky Cabrera in 2012. And, he could be back for more post-season games.

















Now, one thing we’re not sure of is whether drug tests are

given during the post season. From our research we see no mention  of testing done during post season. This could explain a lot of the pitching performances.


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